Ask QX Now Supports 98 Languages: A Major Update for India’s AI Platform

India's Generative AI Breakthrough
Explore how India's GenAI platform Ask QX is revolutionizing AI accessibility with support for 98 languages, empowering users globally with advanced AI tools.

In a significant development in the field of Generative AI, QX Lab AI has introduced ‘Ask QX’, a pioneering platform that breaks new ground with its node-based hybrid architecture. This revolutionary platform has expanded its linguistic capabilities to support 98 languages, including 12 major Indian languages, making it a powerful tool for inclusivity and accessibility in the AI domain.

Bridging Language Barriers

Ask QX stands out by offering extensive language support which includes Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, and Assamese. This array of languages caters not only to diverse Indian users but also reaches a global audience with additional languages like English, Arabic, French, and more. The platform’s design facilitates seamless daily interactions with AI, enabling users to engage with the technology in their preferred language.

Innovations and Features

The platform, which was launched with an initial user base of over 8 million, is not just about language support. It promises a robust suite of capabilities in text and audio formats, with plans to include image and video functionalities by early 2024. This adaptability makes Ask QX a versatile tool across various sectors including healthcare, education, and legal services.

Future Roadmap and Global Impact

Looking forward, QX Lab AI is not stopping here. The company has outlined an ambitious roadmap that includes the introduction of innovative products in video and image processing. Such advancements are expected to further empower businesses and individuals, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with generative AI technology.

Accessibility and User Empowerment

At its core, Ask QX is about democratizing AI. By offering both free and paid subscription models, QX Lab AI is making strides towards making advanced AI technologies accessible to all, not just a privileged few. This commitment is further evidenced by their strategic partnerships across various sectors, which will enhance the platform’s integration and utility.

With its expansive language support and cutting-edge technology, Ask QX is set to transform the AI landscape in India and beyond, making advanced AI tools accessible to a broader audience and ensuring that the benefits of AI advancements are shared widely and equitably.


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