ASUS India Launches New Service Centre in Chennai

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ASUS India opens a new exclusive service centre on Anna Salai Road, Chennai, enhancing local after-sales support.

ASUS India today inaugurated its new Exclusive Service Centre on Anna Salai Road, Chennai. This initiative is aimed at improving after-sales support for ASUS products, facilitating seamless troubleshooting and maintenance for local customers.

Key Highlights:

  • New service centre located at Anna Salai Road, Chennai.
  • Dedicated to supporting and maintaining ASUS products.
  • Equipped with highly trained staff and specialized in various ASUS product lines.

Strengthening Local Support

The establishment of the ASUS Exclusive Service Centre is part of ASUS India’s strategic effort to better serve the IT hub in the vicinity. The service centre is staffed with professionals who are extensively trained and certified to handle repairs and servicing of ASUS products, including NoteBooks, Gaming NoteBooks, Desktops, and more.

Arnold Su, Vice President of the Gaming and Consumer Segment at ASUS India, commented on the launch, saying, “Launching advanced technology solutions is complemented by robust after-sales support. I am delighted to open this new service centre in Chennai, which will ensure our customers receive swift and effective service, thereby reinforcing our commitment to a customer-first approach.”

Specialized Services Offered

The Anna Salai Exclusive Service Centre offers specialized services for a wide array of ASUS products. This includes the NoteBook series, Gaming NoteBook Series, Commercial NoteBook Series, Desktops, AIOs, Monitors, and Accessories. The centre also provides warranty extensions and value-added services such as sales support and onsite services, ensuring a convenient and efficient customer experience.

In collaboration with Oasis Soft Solutions, the service centre aims to deliver quick and hassle-free services to ASUS customers, enhancing the overall customer satisfaction and brand reliability in the region.

This strategic expansion by ASUS India is set to significantly improve the after-sales service landscape for ASUS customers in Chennai, providing them with timely and effective solutions for all their product needs.

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