Britannia Launches ‘Coffeeverse’ on International Coffee Day

Britannia Launches 'Coffeeverse' on International Coffee Day

On International Coffee Day, Britannia announced the launch of its ‘Coffeeverse’, a virtual reality platform designed to provide an immersive coffee experience. The platform was developed in collaboration with the team at Schbang.

Key Highlights:

  • Britannia introduces a virtual metaverse called ‘Coffeeverse’.
  • The platform features five virtual coffee realms inspired by global coffee cultures.
  • The ‘Britannia Coffee Run’ is a virtual treasure hunt game offering participants a chance to win rewards.
  • Chief Marketing Officer of Britannia Industries, Amit Doshi, emphasizes the significance of phygital experiences in today’s world.
  • Schbang’s Founder and MD, Harshil Karia, expresses excitement about the collaboration and the unique offerings of the ‘Coffeeverse’.

Britannia Launches 'Coffeeverse' on International Coffee Day

Britannia’s Coffeeverse offers users a journey through five distinct coffee-themed landscapes, each inspired by different coffee cultures around the world. These include the cafes of Italy, streets of New York, sceneries of Vietnam, traditions of Turkey, and the exclusive BiscafeLand.

To make the launch even more interactive, Britannia introduces the ‘Britannia Coffee Run’, a virtual treasure hunt. Players decode clues and search for hidden Britannia treasures within the metaverse. Successful participants not only get a sense of achievement but are also rewarded with tangible prizes.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries Limited, remarked on the growing interest in coffee among the youth. He emphasized the brand’s effort to cater to this audience with a blend of virtual reality and coffee culture. Doshi stated that the Coffeeverse serves as a convergence of technology, taste, and tradition. Harshil Karia, Founder and MD of Schbang, also commented on how the initiative aims to bring a unique experience for coffee lovers, highlighting the collaboration’s success.

In the Britannia Coffeeverse, participants can explore various zones such as:

  • Good Day Chunkies: Chocolate chip cookie paired with coffee from Turkey.
  • Winkin Cow: Frappe inspired by Vietnamese coffee.
  • Treat Croissant: Snack accompanying Italian Roast.
  • Fudge it Brownie: Brownie for those who love Americano.
  • Biscafe: Coffee-based cracker featured in the special ‘Biscafeland’.

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