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ChatGPT’s Voice Features Now Free, ‘Sky’ Voice Discontinued

ChatGPT's Voice Features Now Free, 'Sky' Voice Discontinued

In a strategic move to enhance user accessibility, OpenAI has recently made several key updates to ChatGPT, including the provision of its previously paid voice features to all users for free. Additionally, amidst some controversy, the ‘Sky’ voice option has been pulled from the platform.

Major Updates to ChatGPT

OpenAI’s introduction of the GPT-4o model has brought significant enhancements in AI capabilities, including improved language processing speeds and quality across over 50 languages. This rollout began with premium users and is now extending to free users, who can now enjoy features previously reserved for paid plans. This includes the ability to engage in voice conversations directly from their devices, a feature that levels the playing field with competitors like Siri by allowing easy initiation of voice chats through a simple headphone icon tap in the ChatGPT app​​.

Free Voice Conversations for All

The voice chat feature, initially exclusive to paid subscribers, is now accessible to all users. This shift aims to democratize advanced AI tools, ensuring that more users can experience AI-powered conversations without a financial barrier. This feature supports a hands-free operation mode and does not include any volume limits, relying instead on device settings​​.

Controversy Surrounding ‘Sky’ Voice

The removal of the ‘Sky’ voice feature follows user feedback and legal considerations regarding its similarity to celebrity Scarlett Johansson’s voice. This decision reflects OpenAI’s commitment to ethical standards and user trust, avoiding potential legal challenges while focusing on its core offerings without distraction​​.

Enhancements and Accessibility

With these updates, OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of what AI can offer to the general public. The company has ensured that all users, regardless of their subscription status, can now access and utilize voice features, which were part of a broader initiative to make more sophisticated tools available to a global audience​. OpenAI’s recent updates not only enhance the functionality of ChatGPT but also reflect a strategic pivot towards more inclusive and accessible AI. By offering previously paid features for free and addressing ethical concerns, OpenAI reinforces its position as a leader in responsible AI development.


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