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Corning Gorilla Glass 7i Announced for Mid-Range and Budget Smartphones

corning gorilla glass 7i

Corning has officially announced the introduction of Gorilla Glass 7i, a significant upgrade aimed specifically at enhancing the durability of mid-range and budget smartphones. This development promises to bring high-end protection to more affordable devices, marking a notable shift in the smartphone market.

Key Features of Gorilla Glass 7i

Gorilla Glass 7i is designed to provide superior protection against scratches and drops, which are common issues for smartphone users. The glass boasts improved impact resistance and better durability compared to its predecessors, making it an ideal choice for devices that are more likely to be exposed to everyday wear and tear.

Advantages for Mid-Range and Budget Smartphones

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Historically, high-end smartphones have enjoyed the benefits of advanced glass protection like Gorilla Glass Victus. However, budget and mid-range devices often had to settle for less robust materials. The introduction of Gorilla Glass 7i changes this dynamic, offering:

  1. Enhanced Durability: Mid-range and budget smartphones will now have screens that are significantly more resistant to damage from drops and scratches.
  2. Longer Lifespan: With better protection, these devices are expected to last longer, providing better value for consumers.
  3. Cost Efficiency: By integrating Gorilla Glass 7i, manufacturers can offer more durable phones without significantly increasing production costs, which helps keep prices affordable for consumers.

Impact on the Smartphone Market

The launch of Gorilla Glass 7i is expected to have several impacts on the smartphone market:

  1. Increased Competition: With more brands likely to adopt Gorilla Glass 7i, competition in the mid-range and budget segments could intensify as manufacturers strive to offer better durability as a key selling point.
  2. Consumer Benefits: Consumers will benefit from more durable devices at lower price points, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.
  3. Market Trends: This move could set a trend where high-end protective technologies become more common in affordable devices, raising overall market standards.

Adoption by Major Brands

Motorola has already announced plans to integrate Gorilla Glass across all its smartphones, including mid-range and budget models, starting from the second half of 2024. This strategic move highlights the industry’s shift towards providing better protection across all device tiers​​.

The introduction of Corning Gorilla Glass 7i represents a significant step forward in making advanced screen protection accessible to a broader range of smartphones. By enhancing the durability of mid-range and budget devices, Corning is not only improving consumer experience but also setting new standards in the smartphone industry.

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