CRED Rolls Out Innovative UPI Scan & Pay Feature

CRED Rolls Out Innovative UPI Scan & Pay Feature
Discover the new UPI Scan & Pay feature by CRED, offering a secure, personalized, and rewarding payment experience exclusively for its members.

In a significant move to enhance its platform’s utility and user experience, CRED, the fintech startup known for its exclusive services for creditworthy individuals, has unveiled its latest addition: the UPI-based “Scan & Pay” feature. This strategic rollout positions CRED in direct competition with established giants like PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm, marking a pivotal expansion of its digital payment offerings.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction of “Scan & Pay” Feature: A UPI payment experience that allows CRED members to make payments from their bank accounts linked to the CRED app by scanning QR codes.
  • Exclusive to CRED Members: Designed with the ethos of frictionless, secure, and rewarding transactions, this feature is tailored for CRED’s high-trust community.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Users can create alias UPI IDs, offering a layer of privacy by masking personal details like mobile numbers during transactions.
  • Personalized and Rewarding Experience: Includes customizable flairs and skins, along with 2X rewards at partner merchants, deals on premium brands, cashbacks, and curated experiences.
  • Seamless and User-friendly Interface: Boasts smart recommendations and an intelligent scanner for a fast, seamless scanning experience, even in low light conditions.

The New Look and Feel

CRED’s decision to revamp its UPI design centers around user experience. The company recognizes that UPI has become a ubiquitous payment method in India, and wants to elevate the experience beyond basic functionality. The new dynamic skin is eye-catching, while the QR scanning aura adds a touch of playfulness.

The reward medallions introduce a gamification element, encouraging users to engage with the platform more frequently. While these might seem like purely cosmetic additions, they can significantly impact how users perceive UPI transactions within the CRED app.

Focus on Security

CRED assures users that the design enhancements do not compromise the security of their UPI transactions. The company states that all updates have been made in strict compliance with the security guidelines set forth by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI).

The Future of UPI Payments on CRED

This design update hints at CRED’s broader ambitions within the UPI ecosystem. By making the payment experience more enjoyable and rewarding, the company hopes to attract and retain more users to its platform.

Whether this translates to increased UPI adoption on the CRED app remains to be seen, but the redesign is a bold step to differentiate its offering in the crowded fintech space.

Kunal Shah, Founder of CRED, highlighted the move as part of the broader digital payments revolution in India, emphasizing the importance of privacy-first features, personalization, and exclusive benefits for CRED members. He pointed out the potential for retail merchants to offer instant payment experiences and foster stronger relationships with CRED’s affluent member base​​.

This strategic update by CRED not only enriches the user experience with its unique offerings but also signifies the startup’s ambition to carve a niche in the competitive digital payments landscape. By focusing on the nuances of privacy, design, and rewards, CRED aims to redefine the standards of financial transactions for its community of creditworthy users​


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