Crossbeats Launches Roadeye 2.0 Dashcam to Boost Road Safety

Crossbeats Launches Roadeye 2.0 Dashcam to Boost Road Safety
Crossbeats introduces Roadeye 2.0, a new dashcam with advanced safety features, available now for INR 6,999. Enhance your driving experience and security.

Crossbeats has launched its latest product, the Roadeye 2.0 dashcam, aimed at improving road safety for drivers. Priced at an inaugural offer of INR 6,999, this new device is now available on Amazon and select retail channels.

Key Highlights:

  • Roadeye 2.0 features front and rear cameras for comprehensive road coverage.
  • The dashcam includes a 3-inch LCD display, all-weather visibility, and a Timelapse Video feature.
  • Advanced safety functionalities such as night vision, AI-powered G-sensor, and parking monitor with anti-theft protection are integrated.

Overview of Roadeye 2.0

The Roadeye 2.0 dashcam builds upon the foundation set by its predecessor, aiming to provide a safer and more intuitive driving experience. It includes both front and rear view cameras, a user-friendly 3-inch LCD display, and ensures clear visibility under any weather conditions. An innovative addition is the Timelapse Video feature, which allows drivers to capture high-quality, dynamic recordings of their travels.

Enhanced Safety Features

In his statement at the product launch, Abhinav Agarwal, Co-Founder of Crossbeats, emphasized the increasing need for road safety enhancements due to the rising number of road accidents and traffic violations. “Dashcams are becoming vital tools for drivers to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road,” Agarwal noted.

The Roadeye 2.0 includes several cutting-edge features to boost driver security:

  • Night Vision: Provides clear footage in low-light conditions.
  • AI-powered G-sensor: Offers protection by detecting and recording sudden movements or impacts.
  • Parking Monitor with Anti-Theft: Automatically locks and records any disturbances when the vehicle is parked.


With the introduction of the Roadeye 2.0, Crossbeats continues to innovate in the field of consumer electronics by offering solutions that enhance safety and convenience for drivers worldwide. This latest dashcam represents a significant advancement in vehicle safety technology, providing peace of mind with its comprehensive security features.

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