Home News DashLoc Partners with Godrej to Boost Local Appliance Access

DashLoc Partners with Godrej to Boost Local Appliance Access

DashLoc Partners with Godrej to Boost Local Appliance Access

DashLoc, an Indian company specializing in hyperlocal discovery, has announced a strategic partnership with appliance industry giant Godrej. This partnership is designed to connect Godrej Appliance Stores more effectively with local communities.

Key Highlights:

  • The partnership focuses on improving retail customer engagement and reach.
  • Digital solutions will be utilized to increase customer interaction with Godrej’s outlets.
  • DashLoc to offer services including listing management and organic lead generation.

Enhancing Local Connectivity

Through this business-to-business (B2B) collaboration, DashLoc and Godrej aim to facilitate easier access to appliance-related products for local communities. Over the next six months, the partnership will focus on deploying digital solutions to enhance customer engagement and extend the outreach of Godrej’s retail outlets. These initiatives are expected to increase organic leads and improve conversion rates for Godrej.

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Sumit Singh, CEO and Co-founder of DashLoc, shared his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with Godrej allows us to revolutionize the retail experience, increasing both foot traffic and online visibility for Godrej Appliance stores.”

Swati Rathi, Head of Marketing at Godrej, also expressed her optimism, remarking, “By tapping into DashLoc’s expertise, we aim to boost the accessibility of our products to local communities and drive growth at our retail outlets.”

Services and Support

As part of the collaboration, DashLoc will provide several services aimed at strengthening the bond between Godrej stores and local customers. These services include creating microsites for retail outlets, managing online reviews, and efficiently tracking and managing leads.

This partnership emphasizes creating a sustainable organic digital ecosystem for retail businesses, aiming for a high return on investment. DashLoc will support Godrej through the continuous provision of relevant local content, enhancing community engagement at Godrej Inspire Hub shops.

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