Home News DHHL Urges Beneficiaries to Switch from Sandwich Isles Communications

DHHL Urges Beneficiaries to Switch from Sandwich Isles Communications

DHHL Urges Beneficiaries to Switch from Sandwich Isles Communications

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) is advising its beneficiaries to transition away from Sandwich Isles Communications (SIC) for their phone and internet services. This recommendation comes amidst ongoing service disruptions and financial instability surrounding SIC.

Background and Issues with Sandwich Isles Communications

Sandwich Isles Communications has been the exclusive telecommunications provider for DHHL since 1995, initially investing significantly in building an undersea fiber optic network to serve the Hawaiian Home Lands. However, the company has faced severe legal and financial troubles over the past decade. In 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposed a $49.6 million fine on SIC for fraudulent activities. These financial woes have led to service interruptions and uncertainty for many DHHL beneficiaries.

DHHL’s Response and New Initiatives

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In response to these disruptions, DHHL launched a supplementary website on May 20, 2024, to provide updates and resources to its beneficiaries. This site aims to ensure that residents have access to crucial information regarding the ongoing issues with SIC and alternative service options. The website underscores DHHL’s commitment to transparency and community support during this transition period.

Steps for Beneficiaries

DHHL has urged all its beneficiaries currently using SIC to immediately seek alternative service providers to avoid further disruptions. The department is actively working to mitigate the impact on the homestead communities and has provided a guide on how to switch services on their broadband website.

Future Prospects

The need for a reliable telecommunications provider is paramount for the residents of Hawaiian Home Lands. With SIC’s ongoing issues, other local telecom companies are being considered to take over the provision of these essential services. This transition is expected to bring more stability and better service quality to the affected communities.

DHHL’s directive to its beneficiaries to switch from Sandwich Isles Communications is a crucial step to ensure uninterrupted phone and internet services. The department’s proactive measures, including the launch of a new informational website, demonstrate its dedication to supporting its community through these challenges.

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