Home News Endless Legend Free to Keep During Limited-Time Giveaway

Endless Legend Free to Keep During Limited-Time Giveaway

Endless Legend Free to Keep During Limited-Time Giveaway

Amplitude Studios is celebrating its 13th anniversary with a special event, Amplified 2024, and is offering free copies of its acclaimed fantasy 4X strategy game, Endless Legend. The giveaway is part of the studio’s annual community celebration and includes various other promotions and updates across their game portfolio.

How to Claim Your Free Copy

To get a free copy of Endless Legend, players need to sign up or log in to Amplitude Studios’ Games2Gether community platform. Once logged in, users must visit the Rewards Page, click “Redeem,” and link their Steam account. The game will then be added to their Steam library automatically. This offer is valid while supplies last, so it’s advisable to act quickly to secure a copy​​.

About Endless Legend

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Released in 2014, Endless Legend is a turn-based fantasy 4X strategy game where players control one of eight asymmetrical factions to save the dying world of Auriga. Each faction has unique abilities and playstyles, contributing to the game’s depth and replayability. Endless Legend has been praised for its innovative gameplay, compelling narratives, and stunning art design. It remains a favorite among strategy game enthusiasts and holds a notable position in the genre​​.

Amplified 2024 Highlights

In addition to the free game giveaway, Amplified 2024 includes several exciting updates and events:

  1. Endless Dungeon Wild Cards Update: This free update for Endless Dungeon introduces new content such as Station Cards, District Drawbacks, and alternative monster variations. It also features new free skins created in collaboration with content creators​​.
  2. Humankind Definitive Edition: The definitive edition of Humankind is now available, featuring a free Georges Sand update. This update includes culture rebalancing, a dev mode menu, non-exclusive culture options, and new AI personas.
  3. Japanese Language Pack: A new Japanese language voice pack for Endless Legend is now available on both PC and consoles, along with two Japan-themed skins.

Community Engagement

Amplitude Studios emphasizes its close relationship with the gaming community through initiatives like Games2Gether, which allows players to actively participate in the development process. The Amplified 2024 event also includes live streams, cross-platform discounts, and various promotional activities, engaging fans and offering them a chance to connect with the developers​​.

Endless Legend’s free giveaway is a fantastic opportunity for strategy game fans to experience one of the best titles in the genre at no cost. With the Amplified 2024 event, Amplitude Studios continues to show appreciation for its community by providing valuable content and exciting updates. Be sure to claim your free copy of Endless Legend while supplies last and explore the rich, immersive world of Auriga.

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