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Flipkart Mega Saving Days Sale: Get a Huge Discount on Apple iPhone 15

Flipkart Mega Saving Days Sale

Flipkart’s Mega Saving Days Sale is drawing significant attention, especially for Apple enthusiasts looking to upgrade their devices without breaking the bank. The highlight of this year’s sale is the substantial discount on the newly launched Apple iPhone 15, where shoppers can avail themselves of up to Rs 50,000 off via an exchange offer.

During the sale, which runs from March 11 to March 15, 2023, customers can purchase various Apple products at significantly reduced prices. For instance, the Apple iPhone 15 is listed at a discounted price of Rs 75,999, down from its original price of Rs 89,900. This 15% discount is further sweetened with an exchange offer that potentially shaves off up to Rs 50,000, depending on the condition and model of the device you’re trading in.

Apart from the iPhone 15, the sale also features discounts on other popular models like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, with prices hinted to drop below Rs 70,000. While the exact figures for these discounts haven’t been disclosed yet, the teaser from Flipkart promises exciting deals for these models as well.

This sale not only offers direct discounts but also includes additional savings through bank offers and the substantial exchange offer, making it a potentially lucrative deal for those looking to upgrade to a new iPhone. The iPhone 15 itself is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, featuring a new 48MP primary camera setup, USB-C port, and other enhancements like a Dynamic Island and improved chipset, making it a highly appealing choice for Apple enthusiasts.

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Flipkart Plus members enjoy the additional perk of early access to these deals starting a day earlier, on March 10. This early access is part of Flipkart’s strategy to enhance customer loyalty and compete with Amazon’s Prime membership benefits, which offer similar advantages.

For customers interested in other gadgets, the Mega Saving Days Sale doesn’t disappoint, providing offers across a wide range of electronic products, including other smartphone brands, laptops, and accessories.

The timing of the sale coincides with the festive spirit of Holi, adding an extra layer of excitement for shoppers. This sale period is ideal for consumers looking to upgrade their tech or those simply wanting to take advantage of the seasonal discounts.

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