Get Ready for School with MSI’s Exclusive Laptop Deals

Upgrade your tech gear this academic session with the back to school offers by MSI
Discover MSI's back-to-school laptop deals with up to 40% off on AI-ready, gaming, and mainstream laptops. Available on Flipkart, Amazon, and MSI stores until June 30.

As schools gear up to reopen, MSI has rolled out attractive discounts on its range of laptops, offering up to 40% off from April 17 to June 30, 2024. These offers are accessible through e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, as well as authorized MSI retail stores.

Key Highlights:

  • Discounts up to 40% on MSI laptops across various series.
  • Offers valid from April 17 to June 30, 2024.
  • Products available on Flipkart, Amazon, and MSI’s authorized retail outlets.

AI-Enhanced Learning

MSI’s AI-ready laptops, equipped with the latest Intel Core Ultra Processors and innovative NPU chips, offer enhanced performance for AI-driven tasks. These laptops are tailored to boost productivity and creativity among students. The Prestige Series, starting at INR 99,990, combines powerful specs with sleek designs, perfect for both study and creative work.

Gaming and Productivity Combined

The Cyborg 15 AI is designed for students who need a robust machine for both gaming and academic tasks. Featuring an Intel Ultra 5 processor and RTX 2050 graphics, it is priced starting at INR 99,990. This model balances high-end gaming capabilities with the necessities of academic productivity.

Affordable Mainstream Laptops

MSI’s mainstream laptops, including the Thin 15 series, are ideal for day-to-day academic use. Available in both AMD and Intel configurations, these laptops provide essential performance for browsing, streaming, and completing assignments. Starting at INR 30,990, they offer a cost-effective solution for students.

MSI’s Back to School Sale: A Closer Look

MSI’s back-to-school promotion includes a range of laptops with varied specifications to meet different educational and gaming needs. The detailed list of models and prices ensures that potential buyers can find exactly what they need within their budget.

Upgrade and Save

This sale period is an excellent opportunity for students and parents to upgrade their educational tools at a reduced cost, ensuring they are equipped with the latest technology for the upcoming academic year.

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