Google Collaborates with Samsung for Satellite Connectivity in Pixel 9 Series

Google Collaborates with Samsung for Satellite Connectivity in Pixel 9 Series
Google to enhance Pixel 9 with Samsung's Exynos 5300 modem for advanced satellite connectivity, promising improved communication in remote areas.

Google is poised to elevate its upcoming Pixel 9, 9 Pro, and Fold 2 devices by integrating satellite connectivity features, a significant technological advancement made possible through a partnership with Samsung. This move aligns Google with other tech giants who have already embraced satellite communications for smartphones.

The Pixel 9 series will leverage the Exynos 5300 modem supplied by Samsung, a component known for its enhanced signal strength and improved power efficiency compared to previous models. This modem currently powers Google’s Pixel 7 and is expected to support advanced satellite communication functionalities in future iterations​.

Google’s initiative to incorporate satellite connectivity follows its broader strategy to embed this technology within Android 14, enhancing communication capabilities in remote areas and during emergency situations where traditional cellular networks are unavailable. This advancement is not just a leap forward for Pixel phones but is set to benefit a wide array of Android devices across different manufacturers​​.

The introduction of satellite connectivity in smartphones marks a pivotal shift in mobile communication, extending beyond the capabilities seen in competitors like Apple, which introduced similar features in its iPhone 14. Samsung’s approach with the Exynos modem is set to allow not only text messaging but potentially also image and video transmissions via satellite, promising a broader scope of communication for users in isolated locations​​.

This technological enhancement underscores a broader trend in the smartphone industry towards ensuring safety and connectivity, even in the most remote areas. With the introduction of satellite connectivity, Google not only aims to enhance the functionality of its devices but also to position the Pixel brand as a leader in innovative mobile technology solutions.

As Google prepares to launch this feature with the Pixel 9 series, it represents a significant step towards creating more resilient and versatile mobile devices capable of maintaining connectivity in virtually any environment, thereby setting a new standard for smartphone technology.

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