Google Discontinues Basic HTML Gmail and Podcasts App

Google phases out Gmail's basic HTML view and Google Podcasts app, directing users to modernized platforms like YouTube Music for a better experience.

Google has announced that it will discontinue the basic HTML view of Gmail and the Google Podcasts app as part of its ongoing product rationalization process. This decision reflects the tech giant’s commitment to modernizing its offerings and integrating more advanced functionalities.

In January 2024, Google will completely phase out the basic HTML version of Gmail, a simpler interface of the email service that lacks several features like chat, spell checker, and rich formatting. This version has been primarily useful for users with slow internet connections or outdated browsers. Google advises that most users have already transitioned to the more modern Standard view of Gmail, which includes additional features and a more user-friendly interface​.

Google has also decided to step away from the domain registration business by selling Google Domains to a third-party. This move is part of Google’s broader trend of refining its product lineup, often leading to the discontinuation of services that may not align with its core business strategy or have not achieved the expected level of user adoption.

These decisions are part of Google’s long history of retiring less popular or redundant services, often referred to colloquially as the “Google Graveyard.” Past discontinuations have ranged from minor features to entire platforms, impacting a wide array of products over the years​.

Additionally, Google has decided to sunset its dedicated Podcasts app by late 2024. The app, a popular platform for podcast listening, will be merged into YouTube Music as part of a broader strategy to consolidate its media services. This move will likely enhance the podcast listening experience by providing better discovery tools and integrating audio and video content more seamlessly. Google is guiding users on how to migrate their podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music or other podcast applications to ensure a smooth transition​​.

These changes underscore Google’s focus on refining its product suite and investing in areas with the highest user engagement and technological potential. It also reflects a broader industry trend where companies streamline their services to improve user experience and operational efficiency.


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