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Google Gemini Ultra Now in India: Revolutionizing AI with Advanced Subscription

Google has unveiled its latest innovation, Gemini Ultra, now branded as Gemini Advanced, marking a significant leap in artificial intelligence technology. This cutting-edge service, previously known under Bard, integrates seamlessly with a plethora of Google applications, offering a multifaceted AI chatbot capable of handling text, images, code, and beyond.

Key Highlights:

  • Gemini Ultra has been rebranded to Gemini Advanced, offering premium AI capabilities.
  • Available in India with a Google One AI Premium subscription at Rs 1,950 per month.
  • Free version accessible via the Gemini website for basic AI interactions.
  • Subscription includes 2TB of cloud storage along with advanced AI tools across Google’s suite of applications.

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Understanding Gemini Ultra

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Gemini Ultra, now Gemini Advanced, represents the pinnacle of Google’s AI development, designed to perform highly complex tasks such as reasoning, coding, and creative collaboration. This service is available in three versions: Nano, Pro, and Ultra, catering to a range of tasks from on-device operations to scaling across wide-ranging tasks.

Pricing and Subscription Details

For Indian users, the Google One AI Premium plan, which includes Gemini Advanced, is priced at Rs 1,950 per month. This subscription not only grants access to Gemini’s advanced features but also provides 2TB of cloud storage and integration across various Google platforms like Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

How to Use Gemini Advanced

Gemini Advanced is accessible to users through a subscription to the Google One AI Premium plan. This plan enhances the Google One service, offering expanded storage and exclusive product features. Subscribers will benefit from features such as “Help me write” powered by Duet AI, now rebranded as Gemini for Workspace, allowing the use of Gemini Ultra’s capabilities across Workspace apps.

Subscription Benefits: Beyond AI

The inclusion of 2TB cloud storage in the Google One AI Premium subscription is a strategic move that extends the value of Gemini Advanced. This not only addresses the immediate needs of AI-powered functionalities but also caters to the broader requirements of digital storage and organization. Access to enhanced AI tools across Google’s applications such as Gmail, Docs, and more, underscores Google’s vision of a unified and interconnected digital workspace.

The Impact of Gemini Advanced on Digital Workspaces

Gemini Advanced’s capabilities in workspace applications like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides introduce a transformative potential for productivity and collaboration. “Help me write” feature, powered by Duet AI (now Gemini for Workspace), exemplifies the practical application of AI in enhancing workplace efficiency and creativity. This feature is particularly noteworthy for professionals and organizations striving to maintain a competitive edge in their respective fields

Google’s introduction of Gemini Advanced in India signifies a major step forward in AI technology, providing users with an unparalleled tool for complex tasks and creative endeavors. At a monthly subscription of Rs 1,950, users gain access to Google’s most advanced AI model, substantial cloud storage, and a suite of AI-powered tools across Google’s ecosystem. This development is not just a testament to Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology but also provides users with powerful tools to enhance their productivity and creativity.

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