Google Launches Arm64 Chrome Canary for Windows 11: A Leap in Browser Technology

Google has made a significant stride in browser technology by releasing a beta version of Chrome Canary that fully supports the Arm64 architecture. This development is a boon for users of Windows PCs with Arm64 processors, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 5G, as it promises to enhance Chrome’s performance by eliminating the need for emulation mode.

Key Highlights:

  • Google released a beta version of Chrome Canary supporting Arm64 architecture.
  • Significant performance boost expected, eliminating the need for emulation on Arm64 PCs.
  • Compatible with recent versions of Windows 11 on Arm processors.
  • Arm64 support was previously available on Google’s Chromium and Linux, and Microsoft’s Edge.
  • The move coincides with Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon X Elite chip release.

Google Launches Arm64 Chrome Canary for Windows 11

The Advent of Arm64 Support in Browsers

For quite some time, Chrome has been available on Google’s Chromium on Arm64 and even on Linux for Arm64, along with iOS and Mac platforms. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is based on Chrome, has already been running natively on Arm64. The introduction of a native Arm64 version of Chrome for Windows is a much-awaited development, especially considering the limited number of Arm64 Windows PCs and their relatively high cost compared to Chromebooks.

Implications for Windows Arm64 PCs

This update is expected to significantly accelerate Chrome performance on Arm64 PCs. Users can now install this version on PCs running recent versions of Windows 11 for Arm processors. The timing of this release is strategic, aligning with Qualcomm’s planned release of its Snapdragon X Elite chip. This new chip, boasting performance double that of some 13th-gen Intel Core i7 CPUs with lower power consumption, could revolutionize Windows laptops’ performance.

Looking Ahead

The release of the Snapdragon Elite X models, expected in mid-2024, may coincide with the launch of a stable version of Chrome for Arm64 PCs. Google’s initiative to support Arm64 architecture in Chrome reflects a significant step towards enhancing performance and efficiency in computing, aligning with the evolving hardware landscape.

The Arm64 Chrome Canary version for Windows 11 marks a major advancement in browser technology, aligning with next-generation processors like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite. This development promises improved performance and efficiency, particularly for Arm64 Windows PCs, paving the way for a more robust and responsive browsing experience.

Google’s Arm64 version of Chrome Canary for Windows 11 is a significant step in browser technology, particularly for Windows PCs with Arm64 processors. This development is expected to enhance Chrome’s performance by eliminating the need for emulation, offering a more efficient browsing experience. The move coincides with the advancement in processor technology, notably Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chip, which could greatly improve Windows laptops’ performance. This update in Chrome signifies Google’s commitment to keeping pace with evolving hardware trends, ensuring a robust and responsive browsing experience for modern computing needs.

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