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Google Messages: Anticipating New Features

Google Messages

Google Messages is continuously evolving, offering users a more enriched texting experience through innovative features. As we look forward to updates in 2024, several promising enhancements and features are on the horizon, poised to redefine how we communicate through Google’s messaging app. Here’s a rundown of what’s currently in the works and eagerly awaited by users.

Key Highlights:

  • Profiles and Custom Bubbles are in beta, enhancing personalization in conversations.
  • More Screen Effects and Magic Compose are adding flair to messaging.
  • Gemini in Google Messages, Audio recorder redesign with Noise Cancellation and Voice Moods, and a New conversation picker are among the anticipated features.
  • Recent launches include Reaction Effects, a Revamped Contact Details page, and Photomoji, among others.

In-Depth Look at Upcoming Features

Currently in Beta

  • Profiles: This feature allows users to control how their name and picture appear in conversations. It’s rolling out to more users, highlighting the RCS (Rich Communication Services) integration for a more personalized chat experience.
  • Custom Bubbles with RCS backgrounds: Users can now customize conversation aesthetics with different color options and bubbly backgrounds, although it’s currently limited to RCS chats.
  • More Screen Effects: Adding vibrancy to messages with animations for phrases like “I love you” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”.
  • Magic Compose: Available on select devices, this feature offers message suggestions and rewrites to streamline communication.

Anticipated Features

  • Gemini in Google Messages: Introducing a chatbot for an optimized chat experience with access to Gemini Extensions like Gmail, Drive, and Maps.
  • Audio Recorder Redesign with Noise Cancellation and Voice Moods: A revamped UI for voice recordings accompanied by visual themes to express emotions.
  • New Conversation Picker: A redesigned interface for selecting recipients, enhancing the user experience by prioritizing recent conversations.

Recent Launches

The recent updates have introduced features like Reaction Effects for a more expressive chat experience, a Revamped Contact Details page for easier access to contact information, and Photomoji, allowing users to create custom reactions from photos​.

Customization is Key

While Google Messages already has some customization options, users are clamoring for more control. We’d love to see expanded theming options in RCS chats, similar to those in other messaging apps. This would make our conversations a lot more expressive and visually appealing.

Reacting Across Platforms

One of the most convenient features of iMessage is the ability to react with emojis to any message, even standard SMS texts. This functionality would be a major improvement to Google Messages, allowing for better interactions in mixed-device chats.

Managing Group Chats

Group chats can sometimes get a bit unwieldy. New features to streamline group creation, provide more robust admin controls, and offer additional organizational tools would significantly improve the group messaging experience in Google Messages.

Other Long-Awaited Additions

The ability to schedule messages and a powerful message search function would further enhance the convenience and usability of Google Messages. Integrating these features would significantly improve everyday use.

When Will We See Them?

While there’s no concrete timeline for these features, Google has been actively updating Messages. We’re hopeful that some, if not all, of these features will be rolled out in the future.

Google Messages has significantly expanded its feature set, with eleven new enhancements aimed at improving the overall user experience. These range from Voice Moods, PhotoMoji Reactions, to Custom Bubbles and Animated Emoji, underscoring Google’s commitment to enriching the Android messaging ecosystem​​.


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