Google Messages Enhances Features, Rivals Samsung Messages

Google Messages Enhances Features, Rivals Samsung Messages
Discover the latest enhancements to Google Messages, including cross-platform reactions, improved video sharing with iPhone users, smart message organization, and more, rolling out globally for an enriched messaging experience.

In a strategic move to offer a more enriched messaging experience, Google has recently updated its Messages app with a suite of features aimed at enhancing user interaction, especially for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users. This development marks a significant shift as Samsung, in various regions, had previously transitioned its default messaging application from its proprietary Samsung Messages to Google Messages. The update from Google introduces improvements that are not just aimed at catching up with Samsung’s offering but also at enhancing cross-platform communication, especially with iPhone users.

Key Highlights:

  • Cross-Platform Enhancements: Google Messages now supports ‘Reactions’ from iPhone users, allowing for a more seamless interaction across different operating systems. This feature will initially be available to English-speaking users, with plans to expand to other languages.
  • Improved Video Quality: To ensure high-quality video sharing with iPhone users, Google Messages will now send a Google Photos link instead of the actual video file, thereby maintaining the quality of the video.
  • Smart Organization: Google Messages introduces smart inbox organization by automatically categorizing messages into personal and business tabs. Additionally, it now features the ability to automatically delete messages containing one-time passwords, a functionality that was first rolled out in India and has now extended to the US.
  • Reminders and Nudges: The app will now nudge users to reply to messages where a response is awaited and also remind users of important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Emoji Kitchen for Gboard Users: Over 2,000 new emoji mashups will be available as stickers for users utilizing the Gboard keyboard, enhancing the expressive capabilities of users.

These updates aim to enhance the user experience by integrating functionalities that were either lacking or underdeveloped in comparison to Samsung Messages. Google’s initiative to upgrade its messaging service reflects its commitment to improving communication tools and making them more versatile and user-friendly.

Google Messages only displayed a small preview of a newly-captured image within the chat composition window. Users would need to tap that small image for a fullscreen view. The latest updates change that: Google Messages now offers a fullscreen preview of images taken within the app, enhancing the overall image-sharing workflow.

This change also brings a new “Write a message” option directly within the preview. This lets users reference the picture while composing their message, removing the need to switch back and forth between preview and message box.

While this feature has been standard in Samsung Messages for some time (and also in WhatsApp), it marks a welcome improvement for Google Messages users. It’s a testament to the ongoing competition between Android messaging apps, driving continuous adjustments for the users’ benefit.

Google has announced that these new features will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks, promising an improved messaging experience for Google Messages users worldwide.

Looking Ahead

It will be interesting to see if Google extends this fullscreen preview to the sharing of existing images from the phone’s gallery. Currently, Google Messages does not offer this functionality, unlike Samsung Messages and WhatsApp. It’s certainly possible that Google is testing this feature change in a phased approach.

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