Home News Google Pixel Introduces New Caller ID and Recording Features

Google Pixel Introduces New Caller ID and Recording Features

Google Pixel Introduces New Caller ID and Recording Features

Google has rolled out new features for Pixel phone users, enhancing their ability to manage incoming calls with more sophistication and security. These updates include a new tool for identifying the urgency of calls from known contacts and an expanded call recording feature for unknown callers.

The first significant update allows Pixel phone users to utilize Google Assistant to inquire if an incoming call from a contact is urgent. Announced at the Made by Google event, this feature aims to streamline communication by providing users with the option to screen calls differently based on whether the caller is recognized or not. When receiving a call from someone in your contact list, you can now choose to have Google Assistant ask the caller if the matter is urgent, offering a more nuanced approach to managing calls. This feature is especially helpful for filtering out unwanted disruptions without missing important calls from familiar numbers. It reflects Google’s commitment to enhancing user convenience and communication efficiency​​.

In addition to this, Google has updated its Phone app to include the ability to automatically record calls from numbers not in the user’s contact list. This feature is designed to give users an added layer of protection against spam calls or unwanted contact from unknown numbers. When activated, the app will automatically start recording any incoming call from an unrecognized number, after notifying all participants that the call is being recorded. This update is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to improve security and privacy for its users, giving them more control over their personal information and how they interact with incoming calls. This feature has begun rolling out and is available in selected regions, with plans for wider availability in the future. It’s a step towards combating the increasing issue of spam calls, offering users a practical tool to safeguard their privacy​​.

These updates to the Google Phone app exemplify Google’s continuous improvement of its services to meet the evolving needs of its users. By leveraging advanced technology like Google Assistant for call screening and expanding the call recording feature, Google enhances the user experience on Pixel phones, making communication more manageable and secure.


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