Google Steps Towards Truecaller-like Functionality with Google Call

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Google is enhancing its Phone app with "Google Call," a Truecaller-like feature for caller ID and spam protection, promising increased telecommunication security and convenience.

In an intriguing move that signals Google’s venture into the realm of caller identification and spam protection, the tech giant is reportedly working on enhancing its Google Phone app with a feature reminiscent of Truecaller. Dubbed as “Google Call,” this feature aims to equip users with the ability to identify unknown callers and shield themselves from potential spam, leveraging Google’s extensive database and technological prowess to improve telecommunication security and convenience.

The “Lookup” feature, as spotted by Google apps feature spotter AssembleDebug, is set to debut in Google’s Phone app. It activates upon tapping an unsaved number in your recent calls list, leading you to a web search of the number. Initially rolling out in Japan with a feature drop in March, its global release seems imminent. However, it’s important to note that this feature, as it stands, opens searches in the browser, mainly aiding in identifying businesses rather than individuals, hinting at a scope different from Truecaller’s person-centric ID approach​​.

Simultaneously, the tech giant is nurturing the Google Call app, envisioned as a telecalling and caller ID tool paralleling the functionalities of Truecaller. This app promises caller ID and spam protection features, enabling users to handle phone calls with heightened confidence. Google Call aspires to narrate the caller’s name and phone number even when the device’s screen is locked, among other user-centric features like the “Saved Voicemail” shortcut for easier voicemail access. Although specifics remain sparse, the anticipation is buoyed by an ad snippet, suggesting imminent roll-out plans​ ​.

Adding to the anticipation, a YouTube advertisement provided the first glimpse of the “Google Call” app, showcasing not only the logo but also hinting at features such as caller ID readouts and spam protection. Interestingly, the app promises functionalities like reading out the caller’s name, even when the screen is locked, alongside minor but user-friendly additions such as a “Saved Voicemail” shortcut and auto-deletion of older call screen records and transcriptions after 30 days​​.

This development suggests Google’s intention to delve deeper into enhancing phone call management and security. By potentially integrating such features directly within its ecosystem, Google could offer a streamlined, built-in alternative to third-party apps like Truecaller, albeit with its unique twist. The move could significantly impact how users manage calls, offering them a more integrated experience within the Android ecosystem.


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