Google Wallet Now Available in India: Supported Devices and Features

Google Wallet Now Available in India
Learn about the Google Wallet launch in India, the features it offers, and which Android devices are compatible with this new digital wallet app.

Google has officially launched the Google Wallet app in India, marking a significant expansion of its digital wallet services in the region. Unlike Google Pay, which focuses on UPI transactions and financial services, Google Wallet is designed as a digital repository for storing items like loyalty cards, event tickets, and travel passes.

Features and Functionality

Google Wallet allows users in India to store debit and credit cards for contactless payments, though some features like the loyalty points system are not yet activated. Users can easily set up the wallet by downloading the app and adding their bank cards, after which they can make payments by simply unlocking their devices and holding them near a payment reader.

Device Compatibility

The app is available for download via the Google Play Store on Android devices. While specific models are not listed, the functionality generally requires modern Android systems capable of handling secure mobile payments​.

Google Wallet vs. Google Pay

In India, Google Wallet operates alongside Google Pay, contrary to the global trend where Google merged these services into a single app. This distinction is likely due to Google Pay’s extensive user base and its established position as the second-largest payment app in India, after PhonePe. Google Pay continues to handle UPI transactions, bank transfers, and financial tracking, while Google Wallet focuses on storing digital forms of cards and facilitating contactless payments.

Setting Up Google Wallet

Setting up Google Wallet is straightforward: users need to download the app, tap ‘Add to Wallet,’ and follow on-screen instructions to verify their bank cards. Once set up, payments can be made by unlocking the device and holding it near a QR code or NFC reader.

Comparison with Google Pay

While Google Wallet offers a quick way to access various passes and digital IDs, Google Pay continues to serve as the primary app for handling extensive payment functionalities like bank transfers and UPI-based transactions in India.

Google Wallet’s launch in India represents Google’s ongoing commitment to enhancing digital convenience for its users. The app’s integration with other Google services ensures a seamless digital experience, especially for those heavily invested in the Google ecosystem.

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