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Google’s Gemini AI Goes Global: Now in 150+ Countries but Excludes Key Markets

Google's Gemini AI Goes Global

Google’s innovative Gemini AI chatbot is now accessible across 150 countries, offering diverse linguistic support and advanced AI-driven features. However, despite its global reach, the tech giant has decided not to launch the app in China and Russia, reflecting the complex regulatory and geopolitical climates in these countries.

Global Expansion

Launched initially for Android users on February 8, 2024, Gemini quickly became known for its advanced conversational abilities. The app supports English, Korean, and Japanese, catering to a broad international audience. It’s noteworthy that while there is no dedicated Gemini app for iOS, iPhone users can access the service through a toggle within the Google app​.

Exclusions and Market Dynamics

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Despite its widespread rollout, Google has strategically excluded China and Russia from its list of supported countries. This decision likely stems from the stringent regulatory environments and the sensitive nature of AI technologies in these regions, where local laws and international tensions play a significant role.

Features and Availability

Gemini is designed to replace Google Assistant as the primary AI interface on Android devices, responding to commands initiated with “Hey Google” or through specific gestures like a long press on the home button. The rollout, which began in February 2024, includes support for multiple languages including English, Korean, and Japanese, catering to a diverse global audience. The app requires Android 12 or newer versions, or iOS 16 for iPhone users, ensuring a broad compatibility with modern mobile devices​.

Advanced Capabilities and Subscription Options

While the basic functions of Gemini are widely available, Google has introduced more sophisticated capabilities through its Google One AI Premium plan. This subscription model provides access to Gemini Advanced, which offers enhanced functionalities such as personalized tutoring, advanced coding assistance, and strategic business planning tools​​.

Technical Specifications and Accessibility

For a smooth experience, Android users need devices with at least 4GB of RAM and running Android 12 or newer, while iPhone users require iOS 16 or later. The integration of Gemini within the Google app allows seamless access, although the functionalities may differ slightly from those offered on Android​.

Advanced Features and User Interaction

Gemini is not just a chatbot; it represents Google’s latest foray into harnessing generative AI for enhancing digital communication. The app, which integrates features of Google’s earlier Bard chatbot under the new Gemini branding, includes capabilities like image uploading and generation, although with certain restrictions to ensure responsible use​​.

Google’s rollout of Gemini is phased, promising gradual enhancements based on user feedback and technological advancements. The focus remains on expanding the app’s capabilities and ensuring it meets the diverse needs of its global user base.

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