Google’s Selective Approach: 5 Products Not Making Their Way to India


In a recent product launch, Google unveiled a plethora of innovative products for its global audience. However, the Indian market, despite its vast potential, will not be receiving a select few of these offerings. Here’s a closer look at what’s being left out and the possible reasons behind these decisions.

Key Highlights:

  • Pixel 8 Pro will not have variants with 256GB or more storage in India.
  • The LTE model of the Pixel Watch 2 is missing from the Indian lineup.
  • New color variants of the Pixel Buds Pro won’t be available in India.
  • Exciting bundle offers for Pixel 8, prevalent in the US, are absent for Indian consumers.
  • Google’s special VPN service, part of the One subscription, remains unavailable in India.


A Deeper Dive into the Omissions

Pixel 8 Pro’s Limited Storage Options While Google has introduced the Pixel 8 in India with storage variants of 128GB and 256GB, the Pixel 8 Pro will only be available in a 128GB variant. The decision to exclude higher storage variants might be due to the anticipated price sensitivity of the Indian market.

No LTE for Pixel Watch 2 The Pixel Watch 2, another flagship product, will be available in India, but not in its LTE avatar. The absence of the LTE model means Indian users won’t have an Android alternative to Apple’s cellular watch variant.

Pixel Buds Pro’s Color Palette Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, launched with new color variants, will not be bringing these fresh hues to India. While color might seem a minor aspect, it plays a significant role in consumer choice, especially in a diverse market like India.

Bundling Offers: A Missed Opportunity? In markets like the US, Google has enticed consumers with bundle offers, such as getting the Pixel Watch 2 or Pixel Buds Pro free with the purchase of a Pixel 8 Pro. Such offers are conspicuously absent in India, with only bank offers and trade-ins available.

VPN Service: A Continued Absence Google’s VPN service, offered as part of its One subscription, remains unavailable for Indian users. With the launch of the Pixel 8 series, many hoped this would change, but the service remains elusive.

In Conclusion

Google’s decision to withhold certain products and offers from the Indian market raises questions about its strategy and understanding of consumer preferences in the region. While some decisions might be rooted in logistical or regulatory challenges, others seem to be a result of market perception. As one of the largest consumer bases globally, India offers immense potential, and it remains to be seen how tech giants like Google navigate this complex yet promising landscape.

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