HARMAN and Tata Motors Expand Partnership with New In-Vehicle App Store

HARMAN and Tata Motors Expand Partnership with New In-Vehicle App Store
Explore the new HARMAN Ignite Store, an advanced in-vehicle app platform launched by HARMAN and Tata Motors, enhancing digital integration in cars.
HARMAN and Tata Motors have announced an expanded collaboration with the launch of the HARMAN Ignite Store, an in-vehicle app store, in Tata’s popular electric vehicles. This development marks a significant step in their decade-long partnership, enhancing the digital experience for drivers.
Key Highlights:
  • HARMAN Ignite Store introduced in Tata Motors’ electric vehicles like Nexon.ev and Punch.ev.
  • Platform compliant with Android Automotive Operating System standards, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Partnership aims to provide seamless digital experiences directly from the vehicle’s interface.

Expanding In-Vehicle Digital Offerings

HARMAN today confirmed that the HARMAN Ignite Store will now serve as the in-vehicle app store for Tata Motors, a leading Indian automobile manufacturer. This integration is designed to provide consumers with direct access to a variety of digital services through a safe and intuitive platform. The Ignite Store allows users to engage with apps such as Gaana, Jio Saavn, and various entertainment options directly from their vehicle’s dashboard.

The platform connects car manufacturers with developers, paving the way for innovative business models and enhanced user experiences. Consumers will benefit from a personalized and integrated digital environment in their cars, controlled directly by the vehicle manufacturers in terms of app selection and overall store management.

Long-Term Collaboration Yields New Technology

The partnership between HARMAN and Tata Motors has been instrumental in introducing advanced technology solutions in Indian automobiles. Jens Beckmann, Senior Director of HARMAN Ignite Store, emphasized the value of this collaboration in bringing unique digital experiences to Indian consumers, a sentiment echoed by Anand Kulkani, Chief Product Officer for EV at Tata Motors. Kulkani highlighted the seamless integration of digital lifestyles into their new electric vehicle models, Nexon.ev and Punch.ev.

Future Prospects and Availability

The HARMAN Ignite Store will continue to expand its offerings with more apps and digital services. The platform’s adherence to rigorous automotive standards ensures that these in-vehicle experiences are not only innovative but also safe and reliable. The availability of the HARMAN Ignite Store will initially be featured in Tata’s leading electric models, with plans to extend further.

For detailed information on the platform’s capabilities and future updates, visit the official HARMAN Ignite Store website.

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