How to Disable Move Reminders on Your Google Pixel Watch

How to Disable Move Reminders on Your Google Pixel Watch
Learn how to turn off move reminders on your Google Pixel Watch with our easy guide. Customize your smartwatch experience today!

In a world increasingly dominated by smart technology, the Google Pixel Watch stands out for its integration of health and fitness features, one of which includes the hourly “Move Reminders.” These notifications, powered by Fitbit technology, nudge users to walk a minimum of 250 steps per hour. While beneficial for staying active, they can sometimes be intrusive, especially during work hours or relaxation times.

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to turn off these reminders, making your smartwatch more tailored to your personal needs.

Access the Fitbit App

To begin, the Fitbit app is your starting point. Despite what might seem intuitive, the settings to disable these reminders are not located on the watch itself but rather on the Fitbit app on your connected smartphone.

  1. Open the Fitbit App: Start by launching the Fitbit app on your smartphone. Ensure your app is linked to your Google Pixel Watch.
  2. Navigate to Hourly Activity: Once in the app, head to the ‘Today’ tab which displays your daily fitness metrics. Scroll to find the “Hourly Activity” section. This might be under a different name depending on your app version, but it generally mentions 250+ steps per hour.
  3. Adjust Settings: In the “Hourly Activity” section, tap on the gear icon to access settings. Here, you’ll find the option to toggle the reminders off. This is crucial if you prefer not to receive nudges about movement each hour.

Additional Customization

Beyond simply turning off these reminders, the Fitbit app also allows for customization:

  • Set Active Hours: You can specify which part of the day you want to receive these reminders, if at all. This is perfect for aligning the watch’s alerts with your active hours or work schedule.
  • Days of the Week: Decide on which days these reminders should be active. Perhaps you want a nudge during weekdays but prefer a quieter watch on weekends.

While the Google Pixel Watch and its Fitbit integration aim to foster healthier habits through features like move reminders, the ability to customize or disable these notifications empowers users to use their devices in a way that best suits their lifestyle. By following the steps above, you can enjoy a more personalized interaction with your smartwatch.

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