HP x360 14 Laptops Get Smarter with Microsoft Copilot in India

HP x360 14 Laptops Get Smarter with Microsoft Copilot in India
Discover the innovative HP x360 14 laptops featuring Microsoft Copilot in India. Experience enhanced performance, security, and AI-driven productivity for the modern workforce.

In an exciting update for tech enthusiasts and professionals in India, HP has recently introduced its latest Spectre x360 14-inch and 16-inch laptops, marking a significant leap in the integration of AI technology within personal computing devices. This new lineup, designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the hybrid work era, integrates advanced artificial intelligence to offer users unmatched performance, security, and productivity.

The highlight of these newly launched laptops is their AI-enhanced features, powered by a combination of CPU, GPU, and a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), designed to handle AI workloads efficiently. This powerful trio, along with NVIDIA Studio featuring RTX 4050 GFX, aims to deliver a significant boost in video editing speeds, overall productivity, and content creation capabilities.

Designed with the modern hybrid worker in mind, the Spectre x360 laptops are equipped with Intel Core Ultra 7 processors and boast several cutting-edge features to enhance user experience. These include a 9 MP camera with hardware-enabled low-light adjustment, ensuring clear video calls at any time of the day. Furthermore, the inclusion of a dedicated AI chip offers advanced security measures like walk-away lock, wake on approach, and privacy alerts, helping protect users against potential privacy threats.

Display technology hasn’t been overlooked, with up to a 2.8K OLED screen offering vibrant colors and sharp images. The laptops also support adaptive refresh rates between 48 Hz to 120 Hz, ensuring smooth visuals across different types of content. Additionally, the 16-inch model introduces the world’s largest haptic touchpad for a Windows-based PC, enhancing the tactile interaction experience.

Audio quality is another area where these laptops shine, thanks to audio tuning by Poly and support for Windows Studio effects. These features leverage AI to improve call and video quality with automatic framing and background blur, making virtual meetings more engaging.

These HP Spect re x360 laptops are available for purchase at HP World stores, the HP Online store, and leading retail outlets across India. The 14-inch and 16-inch models are priced starting at Rs. 1,64,999 and Rs. 1,79,999 integrating AI, respectively, available in Nightfall Black and Slate Blue for the 14-inch model and Nightfall Black for the 16-inch model.

This launch not only underscores HP’s commitment to integrating AI into its consumer portfolio but also signifies a step forward in making AI-driven productivity and security features more accessible to users in India. With such advancements, HP continues to push the envelope, offering devices that not only meet the demands of today’s hybrid work environment but also pave the way for future innovations in personal computing.

For users interested in maximizing their productivity and leveraging AI in their daily tasks, HP’s integration of Microsoft Copilot across its devices offers a seamless experience. Copilot, an AI assistant built into Windows and Microsoft 365, can be accessed easily through a dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard, offering a wide range of functions from creating drafts in Word to generating insights in Excel, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their work efficiency with AI.


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