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Iconic Nokia 3210 4G With YouTube, UPI, 2.4-Inch Display Launched in India

Iconic Nokia 3210

Nokia has relaunched the iconic 3210 model, this time with 4G capabilities, introducing modern functionalities like YouTube Shorts and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to a classic form factor. The revamped Nokia 3210 4G was introduced to the Indian market, catering to the rising demand for feature phones that offer basic smartphone functionalities.

A Nostalgic Design with Modern Features

The Nokia 3210 4G retains a nostalgic design but is upgraded with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD QVGA display, a significant leap from its predecessor’s smaller monochrome screen. This model integrates a basic 2MP rear camera, bringing a touch of multimedia capability to the retro device. The phone is powered by a Unisoc T107 chipset and operates on the S30+ operating system, which supports cloud applications like Snake, News, and Weather apps directly on the device.

Enhanced Connectivity and Utility

Despite its classic design, the Nokia 3210 4G doesn’t skimp on connectivity, offering dual SIM 4G support, Bluetooth 5.0, a USB-C port, and features such as an MP3 player, FM Radio, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also boasts a 1,450mAh removable battery, which provides up to 9.8 hours of talk time. The addition of YouTube Shorts and UPI on a feature phone highlights a blend of simplicity with essential modern utilities, aiming to meet the needs of users looking to minimize screen time while staying connected.

Market Position and Availability

The phone is competitively priced and is positioned as an affordable option for those who require the essential features of a smartphone without the complexity or cost. It’s an attractive choice for consumers interested in digital detoxing or those who need a reliable secondary phone that offers more than just the basics.

The Nokia 3210 4G is set to capture the market with its blend of nostalgia and contemporary features. It’s an example of how feature phones are evolving to bridge the gap between basic phones and smartphones, providing utility and connectivity in a simple, user-friendly package.


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