Indian Brand Milagrow Targets Rs 100 Crore Revenue, Aims for Affordable Robotics

Indian Brand Milagrow Targets Rs 100 Crore Revenue, Aims for Affordable Robotics
Indian robotics brand Milagrow eyes major growth, aims to make robots affordable for every household. Read more about their plans and innovations.

India’s homegrown consumer robotics brand, Milagrow Humantech, has announced its ambitious goal of reaching Rs 100 crore in revenue over the next three years. This target reflects the company’s commitment to making robotics a reality for Indian homes and businesses.

Key Highlights

  • Milagrow aims to make robotics affordable for the Indian market.
  • The company has reduced LiDAR costs by 40%, making its products more accessible.
  • Milagrow plans to raise funds and establish its own manufacturing facility.
  • Focus on R&D partnerships to create robots designed for Indian needs.

Milagrow’s Growth Strategy

Milagrow offers a wide range of robotic solutions for cleaning, with prices starting from ₹12,000 going up to ₹1.4 lakh. The company is the only Indian brand focused on this segment, amidst growing competition from foreign players. Milagrow enjoys strong partnerships with e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, along with its own growing D2C sales channel.

“We are committed to bringing cutting-edge robotics solutions within the reach of every Indian,” said Amit Gupta, Vice President at Milagrow. “Our focus is on developing innovative products that not only enhance convenience but also deliver exceptional value for money.”

Milagrow has prioritized collaborative R&D initiatives, resulting in robots that can converse in six Indian languages. The company’s strategic focus on affordability has seen it reduce the cost of LiDAR models (essential for robot navigation) by 40% since 2020.

Future Plans

To continue on its rapid growth trajectory, Milagrow plans on expanding production, increasing its distributor network, and actively hiring across sales and operational roles. The company will also aim to raise funding in the next 2-3 years to drive further expansion.

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