India’s Tech Pioneers Embrace Indic AI: Krutrim Leads the Charge

India's Tech Pioneers Embrace Indic AI
Discover how Indic AI, led by Krutrim and other innovative startups like AppsForBharat, is shaping India's technological landscape by embracing local languages and culture.

In the bustling landscape of Indian technology, a new trend has captured the attention and imagination of the country’s tech enthusiasts: Indic AI. At the forefront of this revolution is Krutrim, an artificial intelligence model that’s not just making headlines but also redefining the technological capabilities within the subcontinent. Developed under the leadership of Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of OLA, Krutrim symbolizes a significant leap towards embracing local languages and culture in the realm of AI, setting a precedent for startups like AppsForBharat in their quest to innovate.

Krutrim is a testament to India’s evolving AI landscape, designed to cater to the linguistic diversity of the country. This AI model distinguishes itself by supporting 22 Indian languages and offering content generation in about 10 of these languages, including but not limited to Marathi, Hindi, and Tamil​​. Unlike the predominantly English-centric AI models on the global stage, Krutrim’s multilingual prowess signifies a move towards more inclusive technological advancements. It’s a digital embodiment of “Made for India,” trained on over two trillion tokens of data, ensuring a deep understanding of the Indian cultural and linguistic context​​.

The vision behind Krutrim is rooted in making AI accessible and relevant to India’s billion-strong population. The model is designed to be voice-enabled, promoting a conversational AI assistant that’s proficient in multiple Indian languages. This approach not only democratizes access to AI but also enriches the user experience by offering services in languages that are most comfortable to the users​.

Bhavish Aggarwal’s journey from an IIT Bombay graduate to a pioneer in India’s AI domain reflects a broader ambition to not just compete with global giants like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard but to chart a unique path that’s closely aligned with India’s technological needs and aspirations. Krutrim and Krutrim Pro—the latter being a more advanced version slated for future release—are geared towards solving complex problems and executing tasks with a nuanced understanding of Indian contexts​.

Beyond its linguistic capabilities, Krutrim is also a symbol of innovation in AI infrastructure and computing. Aggarwal’s emphasis on building a holistic AI ecosystem encompasses the development of AI models, infrastructure, and silicon—all tightly integrated to support a robust AI computing story. This includes plans for chip development optimized for AI computing and the ambition to build a homegrown supercomputer within the next few years​.

Krutrim’s emergence as India’s first billion-dollar AI startup underscores the country’s potential to become a leader in AI innovation. It reflects a growing confidence among investors and a collective anticipation of India’s impactful role in the global AI landscape​​.

As Krutrim paves the way, it opens up new possibilities for startups and established businesses alike to explore AI-driven solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply rooted in the Indian ethos. It’s a narrative of India’s tech evolution, one where Indic AI is not just a fad but a meaningful stride towards an inclusive, efficient, and empowered digital future.


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