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LG QNED 83 Series TVs Launched in India: A Blend of Innovation and Entertainment

LG Electronics has recently unveiled its QNED 83 Series TVs in India, showcasing a blend of cutting-edge technology and impressive features. These new offerings from LG are set to elevate the home entertainment experience with their innovative design and advanced functionalities.

Key Highlights:

  • Quantum Dot & NanoCell Fusion: The QNED 83 Series integrates Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies, delivering richer and more accurate colors in 4K resolution.
  • Powerful Processing: Equipped with the α7 Gen6 AI 4K Processor, these TVs offer a dynamic and personalized viewing experience.
  • Enhanced Audio-Visual Experience: With Dolby Vision & Atmos support, the series promises a superior cinematic experience.
  • Gaming-Ready: Features like a 120Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync make it an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Smart Features: Powered by advanced webOS, the series offers easy access to popular streaming services and personalized user features.

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Price and Availability: The LG QNED 83 Series TVs are available in two sizes – the 55-inch model priced at INR 1,59,990, and the 65-inch variant at INR 2,19,990. Consumers can purchase these TVs from LG’s official website, LG Showrooms, and partner retailers including Croma and Reliance Digital.

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Detailed Overview: The QNED 83 Series from LG stands out with its fusion of Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies, which ensures a vivid and natural color display. The powerful α7 Gen6 AI 4K Processor enhances the picture quality, making the viewing experience more immersive. The series also supports Dolby Vision & Atmos, providing an enriched audio-visual experience.

Expanded Features and Design:

Quantum Dot & NanoCell Technologies:

  • The LG QNED 83 Series TVs use an advanced display technology that combines Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies. This fusion results in a significantly enhanced color palette and improved color accuracy, delivering a more vivid and natural picture quality.

α7 Gen6 AI 4K Processor:

  • At the heart of these TVs is the α7 Gen6 AI 4K Processor. This powerful processor not only enhances the overall picture quality but also tailors the viewing experience according to individual preferences, making each viewing unique and personalized.

Dolby Vision & Atmos:

  • The inclusion of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in the LG QNED 83 Series elevates the audio-visual experience to cinematic levels. Dolby Vision enhances the visual detail and depth, while Dolby Atmos delivers an immersive audio experience with its surround sound capabilities.

Enhanced Gaming Experience:

  • For gamers, the LG QNED 83 Series offers a competitive edge with its 120Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology. These features ensure smoother and more fluid gameplay, reducing screen tearing and stuttering.
  • Additionally, the Game Dashboard & Optimizer provide real-time game-centric controls and settings, making it a gamer-friendly TV.

Smart Functionality and Connectivity:

  • Running on the latest version of webOS, these TVs offer a user-friendly interface and easy access to a myriad of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Apple TV+.
  • The TVs also support connectivity with various voice assistants, enhancing the smart home integration capabilities.

Conclusion: The LG QNED 83 Series TVs represent a significant step forward in home entertainment, offering a blend of advanced technology, superior picture quality, and a range of smart features. With their innovative design and competitive pricing, these TVs are poised to make a notable impact in the Indian market..

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