LG Unveils Fourth Business Innovation Center in Chennai

LG Unveils Fourth Business Innovation Center in Chennai

In a significant expansion of its innovation footprint, LG Electronics today inaugurated its fourth Business Innovation Center in Chennai, a state-of-the-art facility designed to exhibit LG’s extensive range of Enterprise, Consumer, and B2B2C solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • The Chennai Center showcases LG’s advancements across various sectors, including Information Displays, Commercial Air Conditioners, Information Technology, and Consumer Durable products.
  • Featured products include the 136 All-in-One LED Screen, LG MAGNIT, Transparent OLED Signage, and LG CreateBoard, among others.
  • The Center promotes creativity and collaboration, allowing businesses and users to experience LG’s solutions firsthand.
  • LG’s dedication to innovative and aesthetic design is evident in award-winning products like the Round Cassettes and 1-way cassettes.
  • The facility aims to facilitate partnerships and co-create solutions tailored to specific industry needs and challenges.

LG Unveils Fourth Business Innovation Center in Chennai

In a move that reinforces its commitment to innovation and technology, LG Electronics has launched its fourth Business Innovation Center in Chennai. This facility is a hub for the company’s latest Enterprise and Consumer products, as well as B2B2C solutions, providing a dynamic environment for visitors to explore and engage with LG’s cutting-edge offerings.

The Chennai Center is equipped with a wide array of products, ranging from Information Displays and Commercial Air Conditioners to Information Technology and Consumer Durable products. This immersive platform encourages visitors to test and experience LG’s solutions, driving forward creativity and collaborative innovation.

One of the standout features of the center is the Information Display category, which includes the LG MAGNIT, Transparent OLED Signage, and the LG CreateBoard, among others. The facility also highlights LG’s prowess in System Air Conditioning, featuring the Multi V 5 and Multi V S series, known for their high performance and compatibility with diverse indoor units.

The opening of the Chennai Center was marked by statements from LG India’s managing director, Mr. Hong Ju Jeon, who emphasized the facility’s role in LG’s innovation journey. He highlighted the center’s readiness to provide hands-on experiences with flagship products such as the LG MAGNIT and Transparent OLED Signage, underscoring LG’s commitment to teamwork, creativity, and exploring new opportunities.

The LG MAGNIT and Transparent OLED Signage are notable for their advanced technology and performance, offering unparalleled visual experiences. Similarly, the LG MULTI V 5 and MULTI V S series stand out for their energy efficiency and innovative features, catering to a range of residential and commercial needs.

With the inauguration of the Business Innovation Center in Chennai, LG reinforces its dedication to driving technological innovation and empowering businesses across India. The center serves as a testament to LG’s effort to collaborate with partners and customers, co-creating solutions that meet their specific needs and challenges, thus paving the way for a future of limitless innovation and growth.

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