London & Partners Spearheads Creative Tech Delegation to India

London & Partners Spearheads Creative Tech Delegation to India

London & Partners (L&P), the city’s business growth and destination agency, is leading a pioneering Creative Trade Delegation to India, focusing on the creative technology and visual effects industries. This initiative aims to foster international expansion and investment opportunities, showcasing India’s burgeoning creative tech sector to global companies.

Key Highlights:

  • The delegation runs from February 19 to 22, featuring media, advertising, entertainment, and VFX sectors.
  • Activities include studio visits, panel discussions, knowledge sharing, and business networking sessions.
  • Partnerships span three major creative tech ecosystems: London, Chennai, and Mumbai.
  • Leading Indian companies participating include Tata Consultancy Services, Disney Star, and Jio Cinema Labs.

London & Partners Spearheads Creative Tech Delegation to India

In a move designed to bolster international ties and open up new avenues for collaboration, London & Partners has organized the first-ever Creative Trade Delegation to India. The delegation, occurring from the 19th to the 22nd of February, involves a series of engagements across Chennai and Mumbai. These include studio tours, panel discussions, and networking sessions aimed at enhancing knowledge exchange and fostering business opportunities between UK and Indian companies in the creative tech and visual effects sectors.

India’s dynamic and rapidly evolving creative industries, known for their media, advertising, gaming, and entertainment capabilities, are at the forefront of this initiative. An array of Indian corporations, from Tata Consultancy Services to PhantomFX and iGene Media Solutions, are participating, highlighting the eagerness of India’s creative tech sector to engage with international markets.

Hemin Bharucha, Country Director of India for London and Partners, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, noting the mutual interest from both Indian companies looking to expand into London and London-based firms aiming to explore the Indian market. The Creative Trade Delegation is positioned as a unique platform for fostering global connections and promoting cross-border business growth.

London’s commitment to the creative industries is underscored by its global leadership in creative technology. A recent City Hall report illustrates the sector’s substantial contribution to the London economy, with over 200,000 jobs added in the past five years. Furthermore, the UK Government’s Sector Vision aims for substantial growth in the creative industries, targeting a £50 billion increase and the creation of a million new jobs by 2030. Part of this support includes enhancing tax relief measures for audio-visual content production, bolstering the UK’s visual effects industry.

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