MAXHUB Launches New Interactive Flat Panels for Education in India

MAXHUB Launches New Interactive Flat Panels for Education in India

MAXHUB, a provider of educational technology, has unveiled the MAXHUB E Series Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) in India, aimed at improving the learning experience in classrooms. The E Series, available in sizes of 65, 75, and 86 inches, combines advanced display technology with interactive features to facilitate engaging and effective teaching methods. Priced between 1.20 lakh to 1.45 lakh, these panels are designed for a wide range of educational settings.

Key Highlights:

  • The MAXHUB E Series IFPs come in sizes of 65, 75, and 86 inches.
  • Features include 4K resolution, ultra-responsive touch technology, and a slim, modern design with minimal bezels.
  • Enhanced connectivity options are provided, including HDMI out and shared USB ports for seamless integration with classroom devices.
  • The introduction of the MAXHUB Whiteboard software offers smart illustration features, shape recognition, and handwriting recognition to support dynamic lesson creation.

MAXHUB Launches New Interactive Flat Panels for Education in India

Pankaj Jha, Country Head & Director of Sales at MAXHUB India, stated, “The MAXHUB E Series represents a significant step forward in educational technology, offering educators a powerful tool to engage students and inspire learning like never before.”

The E Series’ design prioritizes visual clarity and interactive learning. Its 4K resolution ensures that every detail is visible, while the touch technology allows for intuitive navigation and interaction by both students and teachers. The slim profile and minimal bezels focus attention on the content displayed, reducing distractions and enhancing the overall learning experience.

In addition to its display capabilities, the MAXHUB E Series is equipped to support a variety of digital teaching tools and content sources. Its connectivity features enable easy integration with existing classroom technologies, making it a versatile addition to any educational environment.

The accompanying MAXHUB Whiteboard software further enriches the potential for interactive lessons. With capabilities such as smart illustration, shape recognition, and handwriting recognition, educators can create more engaging and personalized learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of their students.

This launch marks a significant contribution to the digital transformation of education in India, with MAXHUB’s E Series setting new standards for interactive learning environments.

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