Moto Buds and Moto Buds Plus Set to Enrich the Audio Experience in India

Moto Buds and Moto Buds Plus Set to Enrich the Audio Experience in India
Discover the launch of Moto Buds and Moto Buds Plus in India next week, featuring advanced noise cancellation and superior sound quality. Get ready for the ultimate audio experience!

Motorola is gearing up to enhance the wireless audio segment in India with the launch of its latest products, the Moto Buds and Moto Buds Plus, next week. These earbuds promise to bring superior sound quality and advanced features, setting a new standard in the true wireless stereo (TWS) category.

Advanced Technology for Superior Sound

The Moto Buds and Moto Buds Plus are designed to offer an exceptional audio experience. The Moto Buds are equipped with a 12.4mm dynamic driver and boast Hi-Res audio certification, ensuring studio-level sound. They feature Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that can reduce noise by up to 48dB. These earbuds also support fast pairing and have Crystal Talk AI, which enhances call clarity in noisy environments.

On the other hand, the Moto Buds Plus come with 11mm dual dynamic drivers that deliver Hi-Res audio, Dolby Head Tracking, and Dolby Atmos support. They offer ANC up to 46dB and are designed to be water-repellant. The Buds Plus also come with a triple microphone system that includes Environmental Noise Cancellation and Crystal Talk AI. They offer a total of 38 hours of runtime with the case, and 8 hours on their own, supported by both fast and wireless charging options.

Design and Compatibility

Both models feature a sleek, contemporary design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, being water-repellant and equipped for various environments. They are compatible with the Moto Buds app, which allows users to customize their audio experience extensively.

Pricing and Availability

The Moto Buds are priced at approximately Rs. 5,200, and are available in colors like Coral Peach, Kiwi Green, Starlight Blue, and Glacial Blue. The Moto Buds Plus, on the other hand, are set at around Rs. 13,300 and come in a sophisticated Forest Grey color.

With the launch of Moto Buds and Moto Buds Plus, Motorola is not just introducing new products but is aiming to redefine the wireless audio experience. Their advanced features and competitive pricing make them a promising choice for consumers looking to upgrade their audio gear. As these devices roll out in India, they are expected to be a significant addition to Motorola’s innovative product line-up, reflecting the company’s commitment to blending style with functionality.

Motorola’s approach with these launches indicates a strong understanding of the evolving consumer needs in the digital age, where superior sound quality and ease of use are paramount. These launches are not just about new products but about setting new benchmarks in the wireless audio industry.


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