Motorola Edge 40 Users in India Begin Receiving Android 14 Update

Motorola Edge 40 Users in India Begin Receiving Android 14 Update
Motorola Edge 40 users in India start receiving the Android 14 update, featuring enhanced privacy controls and new customization features.

Motorola has commenced the rollout of the Android 14 update for its Edge 40 users in India, joining several other major smartphone brands in adopting the latest operating system. This update, built on Motorola’s My UX, is part of a broader release strategy that encompasses a variety of models from the brand’s lineup.

The update brings a host of new features and improvements to the Edge 40, enhancing user experience with increased control over personal data, refined system stability, and a series of usability tweaks aimed at making the interface more intuitive. Android 14 also introduces new customization options for the lock screen and adjustments in app permissions, ensuring users have finer control over their privacy.

Motorola’s strategy reflects its ongoing commitment to update its devices consistently, albeit with a noted delay in comparison to other smartphone giants like Samsung and Google. The full list of devices set to receive this update includes other models in the Edge series as well as various versions of the Moto G and Motorola Razr smartphones.

Motorola’s rollout of Android 14, which is based on their My UX interface, includes an array of devices with the Motorola Edge 40 among the early recipients. This rollout follows in the footsteps of tech giants like Samsung and Xiaomi, who have already pushed Android 14 to their devices. The update is expected to bring a host of performance enhancements across the board, including battery life improvements and security updates.

It’s important for users to ensure their device is ready for the update by backing up their data and maintaining a sufficient battery charge. The update is being released in phases, so some users might receive it later than others. This staggered approach helps Motorola manage the update rollout more effectively and mitigate any potential issues that might arise.

The update’s arrival is particularly significant in the Indian market where Motorola has a strong user base, and it underscores the company’s effort to enhance support for its smartphones across diverse price segments. Users can check for the update manually through their device settings under System Updates.

Motorola has not specified exact timelines for the rollout across all devices but has indicated that updates will be pushed progressively following approval from partners.

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