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New Spellchecker and Autocorrect Features in Notepad on Windows 11: A Closer Look

New Spellchecker and Autocorrect Features in Notepad on Windows 11

Notepad on Windows 11 just gained two new features, but it’s advisable that you disable at least one of them. This classic text editor, a staple since its inception over 40 years ago, has introduced a spellchecker and autocorrect functionality in its latest update. Although these additions mark a significant upgrade, they might not be necessary for all users, especially those who use the app for specific tasks like coding.

New Functionalities Explained

The spellchecker in Notepad works by underlining misspelled words with a red line, a common feature in many text editors that helps maintain error-free writing. On the other hand, the autocorrect feature adjusts words it deems incorrect automatically, which can be less than ideal for those entering code or specialized text. This is why it might be beneficial to disable these options, which can be done easily via the app’s settings.

Integration and User Feedback

These features were enabled by default following the recent update. Although Microsoft has not made an official announcement, the update was first reported by tech reviewers at Tom’s Hardware who noted that these features were turned on upon installation. Long-time users of Notepad, which has been reliable in its simplicity, might find these new tools to be a bit of an overreach, potentially complicating the straightforward nature of the application.

Notepad’s Evolution

Despite being a tool that has thrived on minimalism, Notepad has seen several updates, especially with the shift from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Recent enhancements include functionalities like text zooming, find and replace, and the introduction of line numbers. In 2018, a tabbed interface was added, increasing the usability of the app without departing significantly from its core design ethos. Notably, a character counter was only added last year, underscoring the app’s slow but steady evolution.

There’s intriguing speculation about future updates, notably from an X (formerly Twitter) user named PhantomOcean3, who leaked previews of the spellcheck and autocorrect features before their release. This leaker also hinted at an upcoming AI-powered Cowriter feature, which could represent a more substantial shift in Notepad’s functionality.


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