Noise Launches ‘Noise of India’ Campaign for Holi with Artist Idris Ahmed

Noise Launches 'Noise of India' Campaign for Holi with Artist Idris Ahmed
Experience the vibrancy of Holi with Noise's exclusive smartwatch faces by Idris Ahmed. Celebrate with style and tech this festive season.

Noise, a leading connected lifestyle brand in India, has launched its new ‘Noise of India’ campaign for the Holi festival, featuring a collaboration with artist Idris Ahmed. The campaign introduces exclusive watch faces for Noise smartwatches, designed to bring the festival’s vibrancy to users’ wrists.

Key Highlights:

  • Noise partners with Idris Ahmed to release exclusive Holi-themed smartwatch faces.
  • The ‘Noise of India’ campaign aims to celebrate the essence of Indian festivals.
  • Downloadable watch faces are available through the NoiseFit app, enhancing the Holi celebration experience.

Celebrating Holi with Style and Technology

Noise has teamed up with Idris Ahmed, a celebrated photographer, for its Holi campaign, marking a blend of cultural celebration and modern technology. This partnership brings Ahmed’s vivid artwork to the forefront, offering Noise smartwatch users a unique way to engage with the festival of colors.

The exclusive watch faces, inspired by Holi’s vibrancy and joy, are now available for download via the NoiseFit app. These designs aim to complement the festive attire of users, adding a modern twist to traditional celebrations.

A Symphony of Colors and Emotions

The ‘Noise of India’ campaign is more than just a celebration of Holi; it represents the diverse and rich cultural tapestry of India. By incorporating elements of the festival into its smartwatches, Noise aims to honor the myriad of traditions, emotions, and cultures that define the nation.

Idris Ahmed’s role in the campaign is pivotal, as his photography captures the essence of Holi’s vibrancy and the rhythmic energy of India’s festivities. His work with Noise for this campaign aligns with the brand’s mission to celebrate every moment that unites India.

User Engagement and Festival Spirit

Noise encourages its users to dive into the spirit of Holi with these exclusive watch faces, designed to add a splash of color and style to the festive season. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between technology and tradition, offering a contemporary accessory that complements the celebratory mood of Holi.

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