Nokia 2660 Adds UPI Scan & Pay Feature for New and Existing Users

HMD Global has announced the introduction of UPI Scan and Pay functionality to its Nokia 2660 Flip phones. This update aims to facilitate digital transactions for both new and existing users with just a button press. Alongside the new feature, the Nokia 2660 Flip phones are now available in two additional colors: Pop Pink and Lush Green. Built with a clamshell design, the Nokia 2660 Flip incorporates features such as a rear camera, battery efficiency, SMS, calls, and the classic Snake game.

Key Highlights:

  • Nokia 2660 Flip now supports UPI Scan and Pay functionality.
  • Update available for both new purchases and existing users.
  • Introduction of two new colors: Pop Pink and Lush Green.
  • Phone features include a rear camera, efficient battery, and the return of the Snake game.

Nokia 2660 Adds UPI Scan & Pay Feature for New and Existing Users

Between 2021 and 2022, HMD Global witnessed a significant increase in its flip phone market share. Predictions for 2023 anticipate continued growth, with more individuals gravitating towards flip phones to engage more directly with their surroundings. The design of the Nokia 2660 Flip, with its 2.8-inch display and user-friendly interface, streamlines call management. The phone also features an external display for incoming call notifications. An emergency button has been integrated for enhanced safety, alerting up to five contacts rapidly.

Ensuring optimal call clarity, the Nokia 2660 Flip offers adjustable volume and is compatible with hearing aids, promising a smooth calling experience. Its durability is further emphasized by enduring extensive flip cycle tests, all thanks to its sturdy polycarbonate build. With the introduction of UPI Scan and Pay functionality and new color variants, HMD Global addresses the rising demand for feature phones that blend both convenience and a touch of nostalgia. The Nokia 2660 Flip targets users aiming to reduce screen time while also ensuring they can execute digital payments effortlessly.

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