Nokia’s Legacy Thrives: HMD Global Unveils New Budget-Friendly Phones

Nokia's Legacy Thrives
Discover how HMD Global is continuing Nokia's legacy with the launch of new budget-friendly smartphones, the Nokia G310 5G and C210, offering durability, performance, and accessibility.

In a recent move that underscores Nokia’s enduring legacy in the mobile phone industry, Finnish company HMD Global has introduced two new budget-friendly smartphones targeted at the U.S. market: the Nokia G310 5G and the Nokia C210. The announcement aligns with the brand’s strategy of offering durable, performance-oriented devices at an affordable price point, making advanced mobile technology accessible to a wider audience.

The Nokia G310 5G emerges as a noteworthy addition to Nokia’s G-series, boasting 5G connectivity through the Snapdragon 480+ 5G chipset. Priced at an accessible $186, it offers a suite of impressive features including a 6.56-inch HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, a triple rear camera setup led by a 50MP main lens, and a hefty 5,000mAh battery supported by 20W fast charging. In a nod to the increasing demand for sustainability and user autonomy in gadget maintenance, the device incorporates a QuickFix design in collaboration with iFixit, facilitating easier self-repairs through readily available guides and parts.

Complementing the G310 is the Nokia C210 4G, set to launch at $109. It reinforces Nokia’s commitment to durability and reliability, featuring a metal chassis, toughened display glass, and IP52 rating for dust and water resistance. Beyond its robust build, the C210 delivers on performance with a Snapdragon 662 chipset, a 13MP dual rear camera setup, and a large 6.3-inch HD+ display, all powered by Android 13 software.

These launches are part of HMD Global’s broader vision to enhance daily life through efficient, affordable technology. The Nokia G310 5G and C210 exemplify this approach, combining the signature minimalist Scandinavian design and the robustness Nokia phones are renowned for with competitive pricing and decent specifications. As 5G networks expand, the G310 5G, in particular, offers consumers a cost-effective entry point to faster connectivity, reaffirming Nokia’s position as a brand that balances innovation with accessibility.

In addition to the G310 and C210, HMD Global has also released the Nokia G22, designed with repairability in mind, marking a significant step towards environmental sustainability. The G22, available in gray or blue, emphasizes self-repair with parts and tools accessible through iFixit. This initiative aligns with a growing industry trend towards more sustainable and user-friendly phone maintenance options. Furthermore, the Nokia C32, another recent release, boasts stellar imaging algorithms and a 50MP main camera, setting a new standard for image quality in the C-series. The C32 and the similarly introduced C22 underscore HMD’s commitment to offering durable, budget-friendly devices with compelling features like long battery life, splash and dust protection, and ample storage.

These strategic releases by HMD Global not only continue Nokia’s legacy of providing reliable, user-friendly technology but also reflect a keen understanding of current consumer demands for affordability, performance, and sustainability. As the mobile landscape evolves, Nokia’s commitment to accessible connectivity and environmental responsibility positions the brand as a relevant and appealing choice for consumers globally.


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