OnePlus Expands Offline Presence in India with New Retail Stores

OnePlus Expands Offline Presence in India with New Retail Stores
Discover the latest expansion of OnePlus's offline stores across India. New retail locations open on July 28, 2024, with exclusive offers and a focus on enhancing customer experience.

OnePlus, the renowned smartphone brand, has announced a significant expansion of its offline retail presence in India. Amidst a backdrop of challenges and changing strategies in offline sales, OnePlus is set to open new retail stores in key Indian cities on July 28, 2024. This move aims to strengthen the brand’s accessibility and improve customer experience across the country.

OnePlus’ New Retail Strategy

Despite facing challenges with profit margins and warranty issues reported by the South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA), leading to the cessation of OnePlus products in over 4,500 stores by May 1, 2024, OnePlus is taking bold steps to re-establish its market footprint. The upcoming stores, strategically located in high-traffic areas such as Central Mall in Mumbai and South City Mall in Kolkata, are part of OnePlus’s broader initiative to enhance direct consumer interactions and fortify its brand presence in the Indian market.

Incentives and Promotions

To attract customers to its new offline stores, OnePlus has lined up a series of enticing offers. The first 100 customers at each new store will receive exclusive OnePlus goodies, including Marvel Avengers-themed phone cases and branded t-shirts. Additionally, students can win a OnePlus Back-to-School kit, and there are incentives for those participating in the Bring-a-Friend promotion.

Future Prospects and Commitment

The expansion reflects OnePlus’s commitment to the Indian market, which remains a significant revenue stream for the company. By increasing the number of physical stores, OnePlus aims to offer a tangible shopping experience, which is often preferred by Indian consumers who value firsthand interaction with products before purchasing.

The strategic opening of these new outlets coincides with a broader company initiative that includes setting up an R&D center in India, underscoring its commitment to innovation and localized product development.

OnePlus’s decision to expand its offline retail footprint in India is a calculated move to reclaim and enhance its market share, particularly at a time when the digital-first brand faces challenges in the offline market. By offering a hands-on buying experience and exclusive in-store promotions, OnePlus is poised to strengthen its relationship with Indian consumers and adapt to the evolving retail landscape.


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