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OnePlus Watch 2: Improved Features, But Still Room for Growth

OnePlus Watch2

The OnePlus Watch 2 arrives as a noticeable upgrade over the original OnePlus Watch, with better build quality, enhanced software features, and impressive battery life. While it makes strides in the smartwatch arena, it also highlights some areas where OnePlus still needs to refine its wearable offering.The OnePlus Watch 2 boasts a sharper AMOLED display and a sturdier design. It runs a customized version of Wear OS, granting access to Google Play Store apps and bringing smoother usability and richer functionality compared to its predecessor. Battery life is stellar, easily lasting well over a week on a single charge. OnePlus delivers a compelling smartwatch package, particularly considering its competitive pricing.

Continuous Improvement: The fitness tracking capabilities on the OnePlus Watch 2 have expanded to include more workout modes. Users have access to over 100 sports modes for tracking various physical activities. Built-in GPS allows for outdoor exercise tracking without needing your phone nearby. While the range of fitness features is welcome, reports suggest that the Watch 2’s tracking accuracy could be further improved.

Dual OS Power: One of the OnePlus Watch 2’s unique aspects is its dual operating system. For basic functionality and longer battery life, the watch relies on a customized RTOS (Real-Time Operating System). When using smart features or specific apps, the power-hungry Wear OS kicks in. This approach helps with battery life but can sometimes make transitions between modes feel slightly less fluid.

Missing Features and Competition: Certain features common in competing smartwatches are absent in the OnePlus Watch 2. There’s no LTE connectivity option, ECG capability, or fall detection. The market is crowded with capable competitors from brands like Samsung, Apple, and Fitbit, making OnePlus’s offering less distinct.

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The OnePlus Watch 2 marks a significant improvement over its predecessor, addressing many of the shortcomings while introducing features that make it a formidable contender in the smartwatch arena. However, despite its strides toward becoming an ideal smartwatch for Android users, it still has some distance to cover to reach perfection.

Upon unboxing, the OnePlus Watch 2 impresses with its 1.43″ AMOLED round display, boasting a resolution of 466×466, a 60Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling, and a high brightness mode of 1000 nits. The watch comes in Black Steel with a black band and Radiant Steel with a green band, offering a stylish choice for users. The device is sizable with a 46mm case, which may not suit everyone’s preference, especially those accustomed to smaller watches. Yet, the trade-off for a longer battery life may be worth it for many​​.

One of the most significant upgrades in the OnePlus Watch 2 is its dual-chip setup, featuring a Qualcomm SoC for the main operations and a secondary, more energy-efficient chip that helps extend battery life. This configuration supports the watch’s dual-operating system, Wear OS and a custom RTOS for power saving, ensuring smooth performance across activities, including playing Wear OS games​​.

The battery life of the OnePlus Watch 2 is where it truly shines. OnePlus claims the watch can last 48 hours with heavy usage, up to 100 hours in Smart Mode, and an impressive 12 days in Power Saver mode. These figures represent a significant leap forward, positioning the OnePlus Watch 2 as one of the most enduring smartwatches on the market. Indeed, in real-world usage, the device consistently surpassed two days of use on a single charge, even with always-on display mode, sleep tracking, and frequent notifications​.

However, the OnePlus Watch 2 does face some limitations. It primarily serves Android users, requiring an Android 8.0 or above for pairing and notifications. This compatibility constraint means iOS users are left out. Moreover, despite its robust hardware and software capabilities, the watch doesn’t significantly expand beyond the stock Wear OS offerings. Notable omissions include the lack of Google Pay support, which could be a sticking point for users expecting a seamless ecosystem integration akin to what Apple and Samsung offer with their devices​​.

In conclusion, the OnePlus Watch 2 represents a substantial step forward for OnePlus in the wearable market, with its enhanced display, extended battery life, and solid performance. However, the journey toward the ideal smartwatch continues, as there are areas where it could further refine its offerings to match or surpass competitors. The OnePlus Watch 2 stands out as a worthy option for Android users looking for a smartwatch that combines style with substantial battery life and performance.

The OnePlus Watch 2 represents a significant step forward for OnePlus in the smartwatch category. However, accuracy concerns with some fitness metrics and the lack of several now-standard smartwatch features hinder its full potential. If you’re looking for a solid Android smartwatch with fantastic battery life, the OnePlus Watch 2 deserves consideration. However, if cutting-edge health tracking and a comprehensive feature set are your top priorities, you may be better served by looking at other options in the market.

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