OPPO Enhances Connectivity with LinkBoost Technology

OPPO Enhances Connectivity with LinkBoost Technology
Discover how OPPO's LinkBoost technology is revolutionizing mobile connectivity with reduced call drops and improved video calls, enhancing user experience in weak signal areas.

In response to a survey conducted by LocalCircles in 2023, which found that 69% of mobile users in India experience poor call connection and call drop issues daily, OPPO has introduced LinkBoost, a proprietary network optimization technology aimed at improving network connectivity. Developed after extensive research and testing, LinkBoost is now a feature in the OPPO Reno11 Series and F25 Pro 5G smartphones, promising enhanced call quality and video call stability.

Key Highlights:

  • LinkBoost technology significantly reduces call drops by up to 24.6% and increases video call quality by up to 80%.
  • The technology is designed to provide stable connections in areas with traditionally weak signals.
  • Features include a 360-degree surround antenna design, AI network selection, and antenna power enhancement.
  • OPPO’s network development team conducted over 100 network improvement tasks across six countries to develop LinkBoost.

Understanding LinkBoost Technology

LinkBoost works by employing both hardware and software optimizations to enhance signal strength and stability. This includes a 360-degree surround antenna design and software algorithms that optimize the use of cellular frequency bands. Key technologies within LinkBoost include AI network selection, which intelligently switches between network cells based on the user’s environment, and antenna power enhancement, which improves antenna radiation efficiency and signal strength.

The Impact of LinkBoost

The technology has been rigorously tested under various network disruption conditions, resulting in significant improvements in connectivity. For instance, WhatsApp video calls show up to 80% improvement in recovery when moving in and out of weaker signal areas. Furthermore, devices equipped with LinkBoost experienced up to 24.6% fewer call drops in areas like basements and underground garages compared to devices without the technology.

OPPO’s commitment to enhancing communication in no-signal zones and optimizing performance in weak networks is evident in its ongoing innovation in the field. With advancements like LinkBoost, OPPO aims to improve the mobile connectivity experience for users, even in the most challenging environments.


As OPPO continues to develop and refine technologies like LinkBoost, users can look forward to even more robust and reliable network connectivity in future smartphone models. This innovation represents a significant step forward in addressing the connectivity challenges faced by mobile users in India and around the world.

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