Paytm’s Innovative Card Soundbox Revolutionizes Payments for Indian Merchants

Discover how Paytm Card Soundbox, with contactless card and UPI payments, is revolutionizing payments for merchants in India, offering instant alerts and multi-lingual support​

In a significant move to further digitize payments in India, Paytm has launched the Card Soundbox, an innovative device designed to facilitate both mobile and card payments. This new product aims to address the dual requirements of merchants across the country: the ease of accepting card payments and the convenience of receiving instant audio alerts for all transactions. The launch represents a leap forward in making digital transactions more accessible and efficient for small and medium-sized businesses in India.

The Paytm Card Soundbox stands out with its built-in ‘tap and pay’ functionality, supporting payments up to Rs 5,000 via contactless cards. Merchants can now effortlessly accept payments across major card networks, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay, directly through this device. This feature is pivotal, especially in a rapidly evolving payment landscape where contactless transactions have gained immense popularity due to their convenience and safety.

A notable aspect of the Paytm Card Soundbox is its 4G network connectivity, which ensures the fastest payment alerts, a critical feature for merchants to manage transactions efficiently. The device’s robust 4W speaker enhances the clarity of these payment alerts, ensuring they are audible even in bustling market environments. Moreover, its long battery life of five days guarantees continuous operation without frequent recharges.

Addressing the diverse linguistic landscape of India, the Card Soundbox offers alerts in 11 languages, changeable via the Paytm for Business app. This multilingual support is crucial for engaging a wider merchant base, ensuring that language barriers do not impede the adoption of digital payment solutions. Additionally, the Soundbox caters to users with NFC-enabled smartphones, allowing them to make payments by tapping their devices, further simplifying the payment process.

The introduction of the Paytm Card Soundbox is a testament to Paytm’s commitment to innovating for India’s small businesses. As stated by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO of Paytm, this device merges the two pivotal merchant needs: mobile and card payments, facilitating a seamless payment experience. This initiative is expected to significantly boost the digitization of payments in the country, encouraging more merchants and consumers to transition towards cashless transactions.

Furthermore, Paytm’s focus on inclusivity and accessibility is evident through features such as 2G fallback capability, ensuring uninterrupted functionality in areas with limited 4G connectivity. The hassle-free installation and free lifetime replacements against manufacturing defects underscore Paytm’s dedication to delivering a reliable and user-friendly solution to its merchant partners.

The Paytm Card Soundbox is poised to transform the payment experience for merchants across India. By combining the convenience of contactless card payments with the established efficiency of mobile payments, Paytm is paving the way for a more digitized and inclusive economic landscape in the country.


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