Home News Qubo Unveils InstaView: Advanced Video Door Phone System

Qubo Unveils InstaView: Advanced Video Door Phone System

Qubo Unveils InstaView: Advanced Video Door Phone System

Qubo, a prominent brand in smart devices under the Hero Group, has launched the Qubo InstaView, a modern take on traditional video door phones. This new device includes the Qubo Video Doorbell Pro and the Qubo Home Tab, designed to serve as a control hub for contemporary homes.

Key Highlights:

  • The Qubo InstaView combines the Video Doorbell Pro with the portable Home Tab.
  • Features include a 3MP 2K resolution camera, two-way audio, and multi-connectivity options.
  • Enhances home security with its comprehensive and flexible system.
  • Available for purchase on Qubo’s website and various other platforms.

Introducing Qubo InstaView

The Qubo InstaView represents a significant step forward from its predecessor, the original Qubo Video Doorbell. It allows users to interact with visitors via video call not only on their smartphones but also through the Home Tab, which can be conveniently placed anywhere within or outside the home. This new system challenges traditional video door phones by offering greater versatility and enhanced user interaction.

Enhanced Features and Specifications

The Qubo Video Doorbell Pro at the heart of the InstaView setup boasts superior technical specifications, such as a high-resolution 3MP 2K camera that ensures sharper video quality, and a 2W echo-cancelling speaker for clearer audio communication. It supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet PoE, making it adaptable to various home settings, from apartments to large villas.

Multi-Functional Home Tab

The Qubo Home Tab enhances the functionality of the InstaView system. It not only displays the video feed from the doorbell but also allows users to unlock doors remotely if paired with a Qubo Smart Door Lock. Additionally, the Home Tab can function as a digital photo frame, adding aesthetic value alongside its practical uses.

Consumer Convenience and Security

Nikhil Rajpal, Founder & CEO of Qubo, emphasized the innovative aspect of InstaView, stating that while video door phones are a longstanding technology, they have not evolved significantly until now. With InstaView, Qubo aims to redefine the experience of using video door phones by integrating them more closely with modern smart home systems.

Expanding Smart Home Portfolio

The launch of InstaView is part of Qubo’s ongoing effort to expand its range of smart home devices. The product is positioned to cater to the growing consumer demand for smart home solutions that offer both security and convenience. InstaView is available on Qubo’s website and will soon be accessible through major e-commerce platforms and retail stores across India.

With its advanced features and flexibility, the Qubo InstaView is set to become a valuable component of modern smart homes, enhancing the convenience and security of users nationwide.


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