Home News Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features Across More Devices with OneUI 6.1 Update

Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features Across More Devices with OneUI 6.1 Update

Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features Across More Devices with OneUI 6.1 Update

Samsung Electronics has recently announced a significant expansion of its Galaxy AI features across a wider range of its devices through the OneUI 6.1 update. This update, which started rolling out in early May 2024, includes enhancements and new features previously exclusive to the Galaxy S24 series. The broadened deployment covers devices like the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Z Flip4, and the Galaxy Tab S8 series​​.

Key Features of OneUI 6.1

Enhanced Productivity Tools: The update introduces powerful productivity tools such as Note Assist, which helps users format, summarize, and translate notes. Browsing Assist offers quick, AI-generated summaries of news articles, improving information digestion. Additionally, Transcript Assist provides efficient transcription of meetings, making it easier to capture and review discussions​​.

Improved Communication: OneUI 6.1 makes communication more effective through features like Chat Assist and Live Translate, which offer real-time text and voice translations across multiple languages. The update also brings a split-screen Interpreter mode, facilitating easier conversations with foreign language speakers without leaving the communication interface​.

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Creative Enhancements: Samsung has leveraged AI to boost creativity on its devices. The Generative Edit feature allows users to effortlessly resize, reposition, and realign objects in photos. Edit Suggestion optimizes photo enhancement processes, and the unique AI-Generated Wallpaper feature personalizes devices with new visual styles​.

Customization and Accessibility: The update enhances user customization options with new widget additions for lock screens and Always On Display. These widgets provide quicker access to frequently needed information like weather, health updates, and reminders​​.

Privacy and Control: OneUI 6.1 places a strong emphasis on user privacy and data control, allowing users to manage AI features and opt-out of online data processing easily. This update reflects Samsung’s commitment to user-centric design while integrating advanced AI capabilities​​.

Rollout and Availability

The rollout began in early May 2024 and targets a wide array of devices, prioritizing not only the newest models but also extending these advanced capabilities to older flagships, significantly enhancing the functionality and longevity of these devices.

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