Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Reportedly in Development, Likely to Launch Late 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Reportedly in Development, Likely to Launch Late 2024
Samsung's Galaxy S24 FE is reportedly in development, with a launch expected in late 2024. Learn more about the expected features and release timeline.

Samsung is gearing up for the release of the Galaxy S24 FE, adding another model to its popular Fan Edition lineup. The latest reports indicate that the development of this device is well underway, although its launch might be later than initially anticipated.

Codename and Development Status

According to sources, the Galaxy S24 FE is being developed under the project codename R12, following the naming convention used for previous FE models. The Galaxy S20 FE was codenamed R8, the S21 FE was R9, and the S23 FE was R11​. This consistent pattern highlights Samsung’s structured approach to its Fan Edition series, despite an S22 FE model never materializing.

Expected Launch Timeline

Historically, Samsung’s FE models have been released approximately six months after their flagship counterparts. However, the Galaxy S24 FE is expected to deviate from this schedule. Sources suggest that the phone will likely launch in late 2024, with some markets potentially seeing availability stretch into early 2025​. This delay aligns with production challenges that Samsung is currently navigating, pushing the release window further out.

Speculated Features and Specifications

While specific details about the Galaxy S24 FE’s hardware remain scarce, there are educated guesses based on the previous FE models. The Galaxy S23 FE, for instance, featured a combination of Exynos and Snapdragon processors depending on the region. It’s speculated that the S24 FE could follow a similar pattern, possibly incorporating the Exynos 2400 chipset in certain markets​​.

The phone is also expected to feature a 6.1-inch AMOLED display, aligning with its predecessor’s specifications. As with other FE models, the S24 FE is likely to be a more affordable variant of the Galaxy S24 series, offering flagship features at a reduced price​​.

Market Position and Competition

Samsung’s FE series has been popular for providing flagship-like experiences at a more accessible price point. The Galaxy S24 FE is expected to compete strongly in this segment, particularly as consumers seek value without compromising on performance and features. The delayed release may also position it strategically against other mid-range offerings from competitors like OnePlus and Xiaomi.

The Galaxy S24 FE is shaping up to be a promising addition to Samsung’s lineup, continuing the legacy of the Fan Edition series. Despite delays, the anticipation for this model remains high, with potential buyers eagerly awaiting its release. As development progresses, more details are likely to emerge, shedding light on what Samsung has in store for its loyal fan base.

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