Samsung Rolls Out OneUI 6.1 Update with Galaxy AI Features Across 2022 Models

Samsung Rolls Out OneUI 6.1 Update with Galaxy AI Features Across 2022 Models
Discover the exciting new Galaxy AI features available with Samsung's OneUI 6.1 update across 2022 Galaxy models. Enhanced AI capabilities, creative tools, and customization options await.

In a significant development for Samsung users, the tech giant has commenced the rollout of its latest OneUI 6.1 update, integrating advanced Galaxy AI features across a broad range of its 2022 smartphone models. This update not only enhances device functionality but also significantly improves user interaction through AI-driven features.

Enhanced AI Features for Everyday Use

The OneUI 6.1 update brings an array of AI functionalities that were initially exclusive to the Galaxy S24 series. Users can now enjoy features like Live Translate, Note Assist, and Generative Edit, which streamline tasks ranging from translation to photo editing. The integration of Circle to Search with Google enhances search capabilities, making information retrieval more intuitive with gesture-based commands.

Creative and Productive Enhancements

Galaxy AI not only boosts productivity but also creativity. The update includes tools that allow users to effortlessly edit images and videos, create custom stickers, and even design unique wallpapers. For instance, the Generative Edit feature enables easy resizing and repositioning of elements within photos, while Edit Suggestion offers quick enhancement recommendations​​.

Customization at Its Core

The update goes beyond productivity and creativity, offering extensive customization options. Users can now modify their device’s aesthetic with new wallpaper editing features and enhanced lock screen widgets. These additions ensure a more personalized and engaging user experience​.

Availability and Device Compatibility

The rollout began in late March 2024 and includes devices such as the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S22, and the Z Fold and Flip models. While the full suite of AI features is available on newer models, certain features like Instant Slow-Mo may not be supported on older models like the Galaxy S23 FE due to hardware limitations​​.

Looking Forward

As the update progresses, it is expected to reach additional devices, including some from 2021, although with a limited set of AI features. Samsung continues to enhance its software offerings, ensuring that even older models benefit from new AI features.

Samsung’s strategic update to OneUI 6.1 demonstrates its commitment to improving user experience across multiple device generations, ensuring that all users benefit from the latest technological advancements.

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