Samsung Unveils High-Capacity, Fast-Charging Power Banks in India

Samsung Unveils High-Capacity, Fast-Charging Power Banks in India
Explore Samsung's newly launched 45W 20,000mAh and 25W wireless 10,000mAh power banks in India, featuring fast charging and stylish designs.

Samsung has recently introduced two new additions to its lineup of power banks in India, showcasing innovative technology and user-centric design. The launch includes a robust 45W 20,000mAh model and a versatile 25W wireless 10,000mAh variant, both designed to meet the high demands of modern gadget users.

Samsung 45W 20,000mAh Power Bank: A Powerhouse for the Tech-Savvy

The larger of the two, the Samsung 45W 20,000mAh Power Bank, is a testament to performance and efficiency. Engineered to support fast charging, this power bank can deliver up to 45W of power, making it ideal for quickly charging high-end smartphones and tablets. It features three USB Type-C ports, allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously at impressive speeds. Aesthetically, it sports a sleek design with a beige finish and is part of Samsung’s efforts to incorporate eco-friendly materials, as it includes components made from 30% recycled plastic​.

Samsung 25W Wireless 10,000mAh Power Bank: Versatility on the Go

The smaller, yet highly capable, Samsung 25W Wireless 10,000mAh Power Bank offers a blend of wired and wireless charging capabilities. It supports up to 25W fast charging via two USB Type-C ports and includes a wireless charging pad that can power devices at 10W. This feature is particularly useful for users who own multiple gadgets that support wireless charging, such as smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches. The power bank itself also boasts a design utilizing recycled materials and comes in a stylish beige color, consistent with its larger counterpart​.

Market Availability and Pricing

Both power banks are now available in India through Samsung’s official retail channels. The pricing is set competitively, with the 45W 20,000mAh model and the 25W 10,000mAh variant priced to attract a broad segment of tech enthusiasts looking for reliable, high-performance portable charging solutions​.

Samsung’s latest power banks are a significant step forward in mobile power technology, combining environmental considerations with cutting-edge charging capabilities. They are poised to become essential accessories for anyone who relies on multiple gadgets throughout their day.


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