Samsung Unveils New AI Ecobubble Washing Machines

Samsung Unveils New AI Ecobubble Washing Machines

Samsung has introduced a new line of AI Ecobubble™ fully automatic front load washing machines in India, designed to enhance efficiency in laundry tasks. These machines are equipped with features aimed at reducing energy consumption, washing time, and improving fabric care.

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced AI Wash technology optimizes water and detergent use.
  • Wi-Fi Technology enables remote monitoring and control via Samsung SmartThings.
  • Significant contributions to water and energy conservation.
  • The range includes the first 11 kg segment models with Q-Drive and Auto Dispense for quicker, more efficient washes.
  • Designed with SpaceMax technology for greater internal capacity without increasing the machine’s size.
  • Available from March 7, 2024, with prices starting from INR 67,990.

Samsung Unveils New AI Ecobubble Washing Machines

Samsung, a leading consumer electronics brand in India, announced the launch of its new range of AI Ecobubble fully automatic front load washing machines. This new lineup introduces innovative features such as AI Wash, Q-Drive, and Auto Dispense, promising up to 70% energy savings, 50% faster laundry times, and 45.5% enhanced fabric care.

The AI Ecobubble technology combines Q-Bubble and QuickDrive technologies, utilizing dynamic drum rotation and powerful bubbles for quick detergent penetration and reduced wash times. This contributes to environmental conservation by significantly reducing water and energy usage.

The newly launched models also boast intelligent features like auto dispense and AI wash, which adjust water and detergent based on load weight and fabric softness.

Pushp Baishakhia, Senior Director of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung India, emphasized the company’s commitment to introducing sustainable technology that simplifies household chores. He highlighted the energy efficiency and ease of use offered by the new washing machine range.

The AI Ecobubble machines can be controlled remotely via the Samsung SmartThings App, offering personalized features like Habit Learning and Informative Display, which adapt to a user’s habits, suggest cycles, and provide useful information.

These washing machines come with a modern design, available in black, and are equipped with Digital Inverter Technology, ensuring a quieter, more powerful performance. Additionally, they are backed by a 20-year warranty.

The new washing machines are designed to meet the needs of modern Indian consumers, offering solutions that save water and space while handling heavy laundry loads efficiently.

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