Samsung Updates Galaxy S21, Z Flip3, and Z Fold3 with New AI Tools and Search Capabilities

Samsung Enhances Galaxy S21, Z Flip3, and Z Fold3 with Innovative AI and Search Features
Discover how Samsung's latest One UI 6.1 update brings cutting-edge AI and search functionalities like Circle to Search and Chat Assist to older Galaxy devices such as S21, Z Flip3, and Z Fold3.

Samsung is set to roll out significant updates for its older Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S21 series, Z Flip3, and Z Fold3. These updates, part of the One UI 6.1 software enhancement, will introduce advanced AI capabilities and improved search functionalities to these models, reflecting Samsung’s ongoing commitment to extend new technologies across its device ecosystem.

Advanced AI and Search Features Rollout

The introduction of Circle to Search and Chat Assist features is a significant highlight of the One UI 6.1 update. These tools are designed to refine user interaction and streamline information accessibility:

  • Circle to Search: This feature allows users to quickly initiate searches directly from their device’s interface by drawing a circle around any part of the screen they are interested in exploring further. This tool integrates with Google to offer instant search results, enhancing the user’s ability to interact with their device seamlessly.
  • Chat Assist: Aiming to make communication more versatile and accessible, Chat Assist offers real-time translation of incoming and outgoing messages in multiple languages. It enhances conversational experiences by allowing users to switch tones and translate text during live chats.

These features are part of Samsung’s broader initiative to make AI more accessible and beneficial across its product line, aiming to reach over 100 million users in 2024.

Impact on Device Utility and User Experience

The new features are not just about enhancing functionality but also about elevating the overall user experience. They integrate with existing AI tools like Live Translate, which now supports voice and text translation for phone calls, and Generative Edit, which aids in photo editing by automatically adjusting and aligning elements within images.

These enhancements reflect Samsung’s push towards creating a more integrated and intuitive user interface, where tasks such as searching, editing, and communicating are streamlined across all devices.

Samsung’s latest updates signify a substantial advancement in mobile technology, especially for models that are not the latest in the market. By equipping the Galaxy S21, Z Flip3, and Z Fold3 with features previously reserved for newer models, Samsung not only boosts the longevity of these devices but also ensures that their users enjoy a modern and efficient user experience. This approach not only satisfies current users but also reinforces Samsung’s reputation for customer dedication and innovation longevity.


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